Future of Currency


Meet the Bitcoin Exchanges

There are many more but this story is about the big ones

Bitcoin exchanges are the focal point of the commercial landscape. They provide an entry point for adopters and liquidity for speculators to adjust their positions. There are several main exchanges into Bitcoin and the landscape changes often. In the currency’s short history we…

Bitcoin Reduces Evil

Bitcoin can bring transparency to an incredibly opaque world we live in

Do your taxes go to pay for schools and roads or for wars and drones? Was the diamond you bought for the love of your life tainted with the blood of a few innocent people? How many terrorist organizations did HSBC fund and launder money for? Did the government bailout…

A Lazier Way to Believe in Bitcoin

Comparing Bitcoin to the evolution of Windows and Linux.

The common Bitcoin debate is around whether it’s a viable currency…

Give Me All Your Bitcoins

Safety in numbers

How Much Electricity Does Bitcoin Use?

Probably less than one small Californian hydroelectric plant, and more than 600 average American homes.

Revealing Bitcoin’s Creator Reveals A Lot About Us

Newsweek’s reveal is big news, but did they handle it the right way? 

Reminder- this article presupposes that Newsweek is actually right, which seems increasingly hard to believe given Nakamoto’s flat denial to other media outlets, including the Associated Press.

Is Bitcoin the Telegraph?

In the late 1800s, the telegraph was hot. Poles were being erected like artificial forests, blanketing towns across the United States and the world. Firms blossomed…

Buying Bitcoin: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

A guide explaining how to purchase Bitcoins online with a bank transfer or credit card.

Why I Mine!

Mining is more than just collecting Bitcoins

There are many articles lately declaring Bitcoin’s demise, most presenting as evidence the collapse of Mt…

Doge is Doge

Very Currency

Dogecoin is not Bitcoin, that is part of the draw. Bitcoin has a rather long and storied and somewhat controversial history that anyone can read…

Bitcoin Conspiracy

Avoiding another clash between law and technology

On January 27, 2014, Charlie Shrem, former CEO of Bitcoin exchange BitInstant, was arrested by…

How To Get Started With Bitcoin 

We have created this guide on the next steps to understanding and using Bitcoin. This episode explains how to create a web wallet…

You should use Dwolla

Stop using Paypal. Stop paying 2.9% + $0.30

Have you heard of Dwolla? Most likely you haven’t. I promise I’m not employed or contracted to advertise for Dwolla. I’m just one of those proselytizing users startup founders talk about. I also lived in the midwest where they are based in Des Moines, IA. (I know you probably haven't heard of that…

Bitcoin rise to the dead END?

Further price rises can prove detrimental to trust

“A new tyranny is thus born, invisible and often virtual, which…

A Ledger and a Network

Bitcoin, Money, and Datalove, Part Two

Money is a way of remembering.

If anything, Bitcoin is inflationary

Economists are wrong

Bitcoin fails as a form of “money” according to how economists look at money. This has lead many economists…

Cryptocurrency & Ponzi Schemes

There’s not really a connection

“Cryptocurrency is a lot like Enron. No one really knows how it works, but they're

The Joule Standard

Energy as the basis for money

While Bitcoin’s future as a currency is hotly debated, it has proved one thing, that people are willing to experiment…

Why Money is Disappearing

Bitcoin, Mobile Money, Payments and Commerce

It’s hard for many to conceive of a world without little bits of paper that we today denote…

Future of Currency
Future of Currency


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