Back to the future of specialized learning spaces

Dancing Grounds shows us what it looks like.

I’ve been trying to explain for a few years the promise and possibility of specialized learning spaces. Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don’t.

Today, in the French Quarter’s Le Petit Theatre, Dancing Grounds’ founder Laura Stein and her remarkable teachers threw down a jaw-dropping example of what the future of school can be.

We took a time machine to the future today — a future that’s more unbundled, more humanizing, more personalized — but in a way we usually don’t talk about. A future experience for more kids that’s about a mix of schools willing to do less and specialized learning spaces like Dancing Grounds willing to help carry the load.

Schools whose leaders are willing to trust partners like Dancing Grounds to help serve their students can create a remarkably rich menu of options for their kids.

Come join 4.0 and build something like Dancing Grounds in you community. #respect #hope #futureofschool