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Letter sent on May 5, 2017

Can you help make school better?

At 4.0, we’re pushing folks to rethink school for the 21st century, and we want you to get involved. We have 10 days left before applications for the Essentials and Tiny Fellowships close so we’re sharing 4 things to make hitting submit a little easier.

1. Check out the latest blog from Matt:
“How can we find smart, safe ways to test breakthrough ideas in schooling before we send schools up? Before we blow millions? Before we risk student’s and families’ real lives and futures?”
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2. Sign up for our final webinar Monday 5/8 5:00 PM CT
Sydney, Austin and Cam are pumped to meet you and are bringing some awesome alumni along for the ride. They’ll answer your questions and help you decide which fellowship is right for you. If you can’t make it, still sign up and we’ll send a recording. 
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3. Check out our priorities 
Hassan is breaking down 4 priorities we have with this round of applications here.

4. Go to the App
Can’t hit submit without a link to the application. We would LOVE to see an app with your name on it.

BONUS: Did you know you can help someone else hit submit and win big? If you help enough people you could win free trip to SXSW Edu 2018. Check out referral tools here and make sure they list you on the application when it asks how they found out about the fellowship.