Congrats New Tiny Grads!

A little over a year ago, we blasted an email to alumni of our Essentials program to invite them to apply to the Tiny Fellowship. The pitch was simple: apply to Tiny and pilot your education idea part-time. A few talented, curious people took us up on that offer and have been plugging away on their ideas ever since.

From the beginning, Tiny was designed to be competency-based. Founders could follow the circuitous path that is entrepreneurship and graduate when they had early indications of their ventures’ efficacy, sustainability, and demand. There would be no hurried three month timeline: just systematic testing to prove a model. Our first fellows have helped us further define and improve our programing and next week, we will ship applications for the next iteration of the Essentials and Tiny Fellowships. To learn more and apply for Fall programing, click here.

Recently, eleven teams from our first Wave of Fellows decided that they were ready, and it’s amazing to see what they’ve accomplished in less than a year. Some have taken their pilots and turned them into new schools, products, and non-profits that will support students for years to come; some have learned that their idea, as envisioned, doesn’t have legs.

We’re fired up about both of these outcomes. The future of school will be built with schools, products, and services that radically meet users’ needs. Each of these fellows have broken their big ideas into tiny tests; presenting their vision to their users early and often. It’s often humbling work.

All of these Fellows have spent the better part of a year investigating and building towards the future of school. We’re proud of the pilots that they ran and we can’t wait to see what they do in years to come. See the graduating Fellows below and and help us in celebrating their work by reaching out or commenting below:

Tyler Brewster & Shana Louallen

Peer Connect

Providing restorative practices for high-school aged youth, parents and school-based staff so that school communities can empower themselves to effect change.

Jen Chiou

CodeSpeak Labs

Helping you start a computer coding class at your school or afterschool center in less than a month.


Grace Cruz & Ernest Levroney

PRIME School

Providing an education that takes place in the classroom and beyond through community based learning.

Nate Conroy & Megan Otero


Making STEM Learning real, personal, and relevant.

Meg Davis & Scott Davis

Explorable Places

Helping teachers find awesome field trips.


Dylan Ferniany


A K-12 co-working space for virtual school students.

Avery Franzblau


Rewarding students for attendance and stopping chronic absenteeism.

Chelsea Hylton

Project Peaceful Warriors

Empowering students and educators with the tools of trauma-aware yoga and mindfulness.


Mikala Streeter

The LIFE School

Making students co-owners of their education.


Robert Warren

Training and providing work opportunities for high school and college-age youth who are interested in digital creative media careers.


The Future of School

Stories from 4.0 Schools on making reform more human, investing earlier and more often, tiny schools and learning spaces, and opening up education innovation to everyone.

Austin Blouin Crouse

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Tech and startup enthusiast • @4pt0Schools headband wearer • Amateur jokester • Film & music lover • @venture4america fellow • Go Dawgs!

The Future of School

Stories from 4.0 Schools on making reform more human, investing earlier and more often, tiny schools and learning spaces, and opening up education innovation to everyone.

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