19 Fellows Headed to Essentials Camp and working on some bold ideas!

Easily the most exciting part of my job is welcoming new people into our 4.0 Schools community. Every time our Essentials Fellows come to town, I find myself gushing with excitement over their passion and ambition. In just two short weeks, these 19 founders will walk into the doors of our office in New Orleans, and this nerdy facilitator cannot wait!

While my team and I anxiously await their arrival on September 21st, check out the variety of problems they are tackling through their budding new ventures. If you find similarities in your work or otherwise want to continue the conversation with them, feel free to reach out by clicking on their pictures.

If you or someone you know is working on an education-related idea in your community, check out our website to apply for our Essentials Fellowships happening in the spring. The app is opens September 14th and closes at noon on October 9th.