Welcome Tiny Wave 3

If you’re reading this, Wave 3 of the Tiny Fellowship is on their way in. Out of over 200 applications and 50 interviews, we’ve selected 34 outstanding teams to join the Fellowship and pilot their ideas for the future of school. They are working on a diversity of topics: some are exploring the intersection of learning and play, some are teaching students to be agents of social justice, and others are creating pathways for students to meaningfully explore STEM, to name a few.

All of these Fellows are working tirelessly to realize a world where school is more equitable, personal, and rooted in community. In the coming weeks, we’ll share more details along with some trends we see in this Wave.

If you or someone you know is working on an education-related idea in your community, check out our website to apply for our Essentials or Tiny Fellowships happening in the spring. The app is opens September 14th and closes at noon on October 9th. For now, check out this list of excellent folks:

  • Kelli Pearson || Artful Math: 
    I am creating an online video course that helps kids learn math through visuals, explorations, and games.
  • Khalia Braswell || INTech Camp for Girls: 
    We are a 501c3 non-profit organization that INFORMS and INSPIRES girls to INNOVATE in the technology field!
  • Tammy Kwan || Cognitive ToyBox: 
    Cognitive ToyBox develops evidence-based early learning apps to help all children start school ready to succeed.
  • Sage Salvo || Words Liive: 
    We are developing a platform to enable classrooms with ‘Real time Cultural Responsiveness’ for literacy teaching.
  • Jamie Jenkins || Building Opportunities & Opening Minds [BOOM]:
    BOOM enlists young Black visionaries, educates them on ancestral stories, and empowers them to BOOM for their communities.
  • Allie Pasquier || Play Lab: 
    Play Lab creates highly interactive, open-ended play installations to illustrate the power of play-based learning for children.
  • Jessica Hamman || Educator Learning Lab: 
    We provide expert-led online courses in dyslexia and early literacy so teachers can better support all students in the classroom.
  • Alex Roosenburg || Capitol Learning Academy: 
    Capitol Learning Academy prepares students to effectively utilize resources and relationships to succeed as world citizens in their futures.
  • Todd Wackerman and Sarah Sievert || Science Teachers’ Equipment Lending Library (STELL): 
    STELL improves science education by lending lab equipment and corresponding hands-on lesson plans to public school teachers in New Orleans.
  • Christine Daisy Han || Poppy Wilderness Montessori School: 
    Poppy Wilderness Montessori Summer School provides adolescent students with a transformative guided experience from childhood to adulthood.
  • Antionette Carroll || Creative Reaction Lab: .@creativerxlab fights racism by design, with design by training Black and Latinx youth to become the next generation of civic leaders.
  • Efe Odeleye and Osen Osagie || Achievers Early College Prep: Achievers is a STEM and innovation charter school for grades 6–12 that will enable students to graduate high school with 60 college credits.
  • Amanda Martinsen and Lauren Schrero ||The Nora Project: We teach empathy by sparking friendships between students and their peers with disabilities.
  • Augustina Warton and Jamel Mims || Catalyst — Arts Create Change: Young people as creative catalysts of social change.
  • Jemima Laurent and Kevin Celisca || College Lingual, Inc.: College Lingual provides workshops for high school students, addressing the social and emotional aspect of the transition to college.
  • Maria Elena Alvarado and Johanna Even || Partners for Biliteracy: We empower students to solidify their native language skills and utilize them as a catalyst for English development.
  • Alison Gillmeister and Bethany Fleming || Capital Experience Lab: What if students could experience learning not in a classroom, but in a diverse array of public institutions like the Smithsonian & NIH? #capxlab
  • Darnisa Amante and Daisy Han || Disruptive Equity Education Project (DEEP): DEEP is a transformative racial equity, diversity, and inclusion consulting organization. We focus on mindset change to dismantle inequity.
  • Bianca Cabrera || Goals Genius: Making IEPs meaningful with collaboration and intelligence.
  • Monica Green || Capital Village Schools: A network of micro schools relentlessly committed to student-centered learning.
  • Brandy Williams || Generation Success: Gen Success Nola is a 501c3 designed to educate high school students in the NOLA area.
  • Jade Ann Rivera || Sunnyside Micro-School: At the Sunnyside Micro-School we believe that when freedom and growth are held in equal esteem, twice-exceptional children thrive.
  • Tony Weaver, Jr || Weird Enough Productions: A nonprofit that combats media misrepresentation with original content.
  • Kim Frusciante || TBD: My ELC will provide a curriculum tailored to the individual needs & interests of kids for a diverse range of families in NOLA.
  • James Buchanan and Miriam Ragen || OxBox: 
    OxBox delivers early education subscription boxes to promote child development and ensure school readiness.
  • Aaron Watkins || STEMtrunk: 
    Subscription rental STEM toys by mail.
  • Myron Long The Social Justice Project: 
    The SJP imagines a school where each student will develop a passion for social justice and feel empowered to make change in the world.
  • Tim Lampkin || Shifting Rhythms: 
    Shifting Rhythms is a mobile lab in the #MSDelta that teaches technology, entrepreneurship, and arts through a guitar-building curriculum.
  • Brooke Myers and Rachael Hunter || Together Tulsa — SPIRE Creative: 
    We provide experiential learning opportunities to at-risk teens to give them marketable skills for the 21st century workforce.
  • Nady Persons and Porscha Williams || Critically Conscious Coaching:
    We empower clients to connect with their passions and to create social justice aligned work rooted in identity and values.
  • Brice Miller || ArtsNOLA: 
    ArtsNOLA aims to provide school-based cultural arts education programs for underserved and underrepresented schools in metro New Orleans.
  • Marion Martin || Dat School: 
    Dat School is a learning center where students are in charge of their own learning and where teachers facilitate it.
  • Megan Raisle, Aakash Thumaty, Shreya Shah || College Q&A: 
    We connect young high school students with college students that just went through the process to act as a source of knowledge, encouragment, and guidance.
  • Phillip Ellison, Parisa Esmaili, Jubril Lawal || ULink: 
    Close transfer advising gaps and improved student engagement on community college campuses by helping community college students to be proactive in managing their transfer process to a 4 year university or alternative education/workforce pathway.