Podcast: What is the Sharing Economy?

It’s set to reshape our world, once we agree on what the heck it is.

Since the turn of the 21st century, an explosion in mobile technology has allowed ordinary people to exchange goods and services in previously unimaginable ways. These transactions are mediated by internet platforms, the most successful of which have blossomed into billion-dollar companies.

Cities, incumbent industries, and ordinary citizens have adapted to this new reality at different rates. Some have embraced the sharing economy fully, others won’t touch it with a 10-foot pole. But, regardless of how anyone feels about it, what’s become clear over the course of it’s infancy is that the Sharing Economy is here to stay.

How it grows and who benefits from it, however, remain open and hugely important questions — ones we will be exploring in this new show.

But, before we can set our gaze on that future, our hosts Jim Daly and Pete Leyden must first answer what seems like a basic question: What is the Sharing Economy? We’ve enlisted some big thinkers and entrepreneurs, including Sunil Paul, Adam Werbach, Robin Chase, Jeremiah Owyang, and April Rinne, to help us sort through the semantics.

Join us as in the first step of our journey as we explore, debate, and dream big about what the future holds for the sharing economy.

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