Why this blog?

Well, idea of this blog is not an immediate one. It has been lingering in my head since last year. However, I don’t recall a particular instant that this hit me though, may be an outcome of a gradual process.

A gradual process that started a year back. It’s when I became curious about looking at how people work at the offices. Many of them are hardworking, but they seldom work upon improving their skills. Rather they work on work. Then there are people who are their supervisors, but they do the same. Rather than work upon learning of themselves or their direct reports, they are busing working on work.

Considering that in industries like Software, Sales, Marketing where a small improvement in skills can drastically alter the output — this is so bewildering to see!

With this bewilderment, I pondered why this is so? Why we are overlooking skill development inspite of it being such a important aspect.

I think answer dates back to our long industrial age. A ideal industrial worker is supposed to learn the skills, and then spent rest of his life implementing those skills religiously and efficiently. This model worked efficiently for hundreds of years.

But with new knowledge economy of past 20 years, things are getting difficult. With Internet, fast changing technologies, emergence of new business models — the old way of learning is unsustainable in long run. Universities are struggling to impart an education that is long lasting. On the contrary, the cost of education is only going up and up. At the same time — Companies are struggling to up-skill their employees to adapt to ever changing market dynamics.

I think this is problem of system, not the humans. We Humans are huge reservoir of creativity. We have amazing ability to adapt, learn and implement. We all are capable to do amazing things if given right direction, tools and motivation put our souls into it!

This blog is a baby step, to start thinking about new systems, new ways. Lets brainstorm about how we can create a much better future of our upcoming generations.



With innovation rate going very high, work and learning will be inseparable from each other. Lets rethink on how we going learn and work. Musings on how this will play out.

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Sachin Sharma

Sachin Sharma

Founder @townscript. Passionate about building Products. Books when not working. Writes at — https://www.sachinsharma.in