10 Practices for Productivity

Disclaimer: This is not going to be about beating procrastination, but just some tricks that could be helpful for managing your time and making the best of it.

1. Lists

2. Break it down

Our to do lists can be extremely intimidating though and probably not very helpful if the first item on it is something like “go to the gym everyday and get fit” — not happening. Break it down, make it specific, and spread the parts of several days within a plan. Smaller tasks are easier to start and complete.

Broken Down Alarm Clock at Dina Amin’s #TinkerFriday

3. Start with what you like

Forget priority for just a second and instead start with whatever you’re excited about the most. There’s usually at least one thing about a task that’s either more exciting or even just easier than others. I like to start there.

4. Get small things out of the way

It’s probably up to you to decide what a small task for your schedule would be. Some people recommend a 2 or 5 minute rule:

5. Time block tasks

After breaking down the tasks, it helps to define specific time blocks for them- could be over weeks or over hours. But making a conscious decision about how long you will spend on a specific task creates the urgency of the deadline that we all know can get magic done.

6. Visualize your time

Visualize the time blocks, use colors, use words, whatever helps you get a good picture of your day and time and what will happen in it. The clearer the picture the more control you have over it.

Fitness instructor Dalia Omar using PlanIt

7. Do more

8. Know your habits

Some people work better in the morning, some are night owls, some prefer to focus for longer periods, others need breaks every 30 minutes. Everyone has their habits. Understand them, and work your schedules around them.

9. Lose the guilt

That’s one I’m guilty of — a moment to appreciate the irony — but I constantly need to remind myself not to beat myself up about off days.

10. Celebrate accomplishments

BONUS ❤ Here are some of my favorite productivity tools

Todoist https://todoist.com/ app and Chrome extension

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The Future of Work

The latest and greatest updates about the Future of Work, from the CodeControl crew.