How Léo will become a Mobile Hero Developer

Want to be free? Become a remote developer.

Want to be free and work remotely on exciting projects from anywhere in the world?

Join Mentor Léo and learn how to become a Mobile Developer.

Mentor Léo is a free community of Léos coming from all over the world with the same motivation of doing the best to change their life and to become a professional developer from scratch 💪. This project has been launched by my friend Damien (Damien BRY), with an awesome step-by-step series on How to become a Web Developer

Léo can be any of you, desiring to learn and grow. Apply here, it will always be free ♥

This series is focused on how to become a Mobile Developer.

We will go progressively trough a 3 weeks guided tour in which you will be able to build, brick by brick, an entire mobile application on iOS and Android. You will acquire the vital basis to build up your own awesome projects and find an exciting first job shipping the new apps of tomorrow ✊.


There are many fields of evolution for a developer and a lot of different languages. It’s often a headache to try to find your way in this fast-evolving world. I’m working on mobile technologies since 8 years now and I’ve followed his incredible growth and attraction with more and more usage. Today, they are many exciting challenges and a lot of interesting job offers that are just waiting for talented people like you 😎.

You have many ways to make mobile applications : web apps, hybrid apps, “React native” apps and full native apps. I’ve always worked with native frameworks and we will only work with native technologies here. I’m not saying that other technologies aren’t interesting, but I think the best way to embrace the mobile development is to go to the native way first. You will have a better understanding on how it works and you will be aware of the big challenges to build a fast and smooth mobile application.

The project

We think that the best way for you to learn is to practice by working on a concrete project so I propose you to build an entire mobile app. You will acquire strong basis and best practices to be fully autonomous on your future mobile projects 👏.

You will develop a full-native iOS and Android app which will allow you to display photos around your actual position and around some random positions from places from all over the world.

We will start by building a dead simple application containing a description of your professional path and then we will add features step by step following guided exercises grouped into days.

For each day you will have access to a dedicated article on Medium and, if you join us, you will benefit of some precious help and advices from the community members and the mentors 👌.


Week 1: Launching your first app 🚀

We will start by developing a simple “single view” native app focused on your profile with vital information like your name, a photo, a quick description and your social network links.

iOS - Week 1/Day 1: Launching your first app.

iOS — Week 1/Day 2: Starting with UI.

iOS — Week 1/Day 3: Shaping your profile view.

Week 2: Introducing navigation and building a photo gallery 👌

In this week we will go further into the navigation in mobile apps and how to use more advanced UI components to build your photo gallery.

We will also integrate third party library using a package manager to download images from the Web.

Week 3: Fetching dynamic photos around a location 😎

You will start this week by learning how to use the built-in GPS to get user’s current location and how to call and parse a third party Web API to fetch dynamic photos to display in your gallery.

We will also see how to manage linked API calls (fetch a random location first, then fetch images around this location), create a custom view and play with animations 🙌.

Call to action

Join us ! We are creating a community of motivated Léos helping each other. Apply here, it will always be free ♥


Self-taught mobile developer, I build apps since 2009 and I will be happy to share my experience and to grow with you.