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The Future of Work

How to Continue Learning and Keep Track of It

I love to learn and test new tools. When it comes to my personal growth and learning, I find it increasingly difficult to keep track of everything. How many books I’ve read, how many short tutorial videos and webinars I’ve watched, how many and which coding classes I took and where, how many new contacts I’ve added to LinkedIn, and on and on and on.

According to my password manager, LastPass, I have 90+ online accounts!

While this includes everything from banking, emails, library, entertainment, social media, work, education, and miscellaneous accounts, the majority is learning related.

The email I got from LastPass the other day says that on average users log into 150 sites each month. Yikes!

And it’s growing exponentially.

“The way the trend is headed, the number of accounts we use is growing at a 14% rate, meaning it doubles every 5 years. In 2020, the average number of accounts per Internet user will be 207!” according to Dashlane, another password manager tool.

How do we keep track of what we are learning and evaluate the impact of what we learned?

This is something we would like to tackle at Knewaira in 2018. If this resonates with you, we will be sending out a survey after the holidays and ask you to help us.

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