My 17 favorite places for coffee and coworking in Paris

A very personal directory of great places to take your laptop to

Maybe you’re a freelancer in the search of spots to work from. Maybe you’re a travelling the world working remotely. Or there’s no more coffee at home. Maybe you’re a student, or you’re looking for a job, or you can’t stand your colleagues anymore. Maybe you’re a startuper and you’d rather be working from a decent café than from your parent’s garage, thank you very much.

What’s in a coffee shop that makes you work so well? Is it the background chatter and music? The smell of coffee? The feeling of being among others? Here’s a list of 17 Parisian coffices that make me inspired and productive.

Edit: this list is based on my own roamings. After this article, I created a collaborative list of the best places in the form of a Google Sheet, and made it into a Google MyMaps. I curate both regularly.

You can contribute to this Parisian Coffices Google Sheet to create the biggest collaborative list for Paris! And here is the Parisian Coffices Map:

I made a map! So great!

And here is my personal top 17:

1. Le Pavillion des Canaux (19ème)

A coffice heaven by the Bassin de la Villette with laid-back waiters, a beautiful decoration — and you can have breaks in the sun. Have a beer by the canal in the evening (you deserved it). — 10am-10pm — 2€ filtered coffee, 9€ avocado toast

2. Hubsy (3ème)

Probably the held by the nicest coffee shop owners in the history of coffee shops. Have a cappuccino and sit in front of the Arts et Métiers museum. Enjoy. — 5€ an hour, 20€ for a day

3. Numa Cowork (2ème)

In Numa you will meet plenty of cool people. And get 1€ coffee.

The pearl of the Sentier? Come in alone, leave with a co-founder for your startup. — 0€ (and coffee is 1€, for real)

4. La Gaïté Lyrique (3ème)

Bring your laptop where it belongs in this digital arts center — the Gaïté Lyrique is also an exhibition space, concert hall, restaurant, bar and library — and a place where you can come and work surrounded by people talking about 3D printing and the future of journalism. Just drop by, it’s free! — 2pm-8pm — free

5. Café Lomi (18ème)

International crowd, excellent coffee (they roast their own), splendid place. Who doesn’t love the 18th? — 2€ for a coffee

6. Nuage Café

The Rive Gauche must be so confused: here you can make online coffee requests they receive in Slack so you don’t even have to move from your seat. Set in a presbytery. Gorgeous interior design (I need to find their moodboard).— 4€ an hour, 16€ a day

7. Anticafé Beaubourg (3ème)

A mixed crowd of student designers, architects, developers, freelancers and unlimited snacks. A lot of thinking happening. — 5€ an hour, around 17€ for a day

8. Anticafé Louvre (1er)

Anticafé number 2 looks like a living room with bay windows and a free flow of coffee. Home, but better.— 5€ an hour, around 17€ for a day

9. Blackburn Coffee (10ème)

Excellent coffee in the best street of Paris (possibly) — 2€ for a coffee

10. Le Laptop(19ème)

Le Laptop is quiet. Very quiet.

Le Laptop is the place to go if you want to get stuff done. You will get stuff done there. Oh, and there’s a cat. — 30€ for a day

11. Strada Café (3ème)

Come for the Australian-style cappucinos, stay for the waiters’ looks (or so says every girl I know). — 2€ for a coffee

12. Le Café de la Presse (12ème)

Crazy in the night, quiet in the day, I could spend a week in the Café de la Presse (not sure the very chilled waiters would even notice). — 2€ for a coffee

13. Coutume Instituuti (5ème)

Have a coffee. Stare out the baywindows on the Cluny ruins. Feel like a Sorbonne student again. — 3€ for a coffee

Attention! Don’t confuse Coutume Instituuti and the one on rue de Babylone which no longer allows laptops! Thank you Juan Buis for telling.

14. Café Craft (10ème)

Focused crowd, latte coffees, carrot cakes and the canal Saint Martin. Working feels great. — 4€ an hour, around 17€ for a day

15. Moncoeur Belleville (20ème)

Embrace the view on Paris from the top of the Parc de Belleville. Transfer that into pure productive energy. The wifi is not always stellar (but oh man the view!) — 2€ for a coffee

17. Merci Café (3ème)

Endless bookshelves, baywindows, and a stylish crowd, and you can even do some shopping afterwards! — 2€ for a coffee

18. Le Bistrot de la Gaité (3ème)

In the morning, before the Gaïté Lyrique opens (see number 4), check out the Bistrot de la Gaité! A lot of people like you are working on cool projects (just be sure to leave when it’s lunchtime!)— 2,5€ for a coffee

You might want to check out these cool projects:

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