We are Future Positive.

Sofia Hmich
Mar 5 · 2 min read

A venture firm driven by a singular conviction.

It defines our thesis as well as the entrepreneurs we back, the people we hire and the way we go about our work.

It reflects alternative focus: to back companies that tackle intractable challenges and serve overlooked demographics; that tread unbroken ground and tell unwritten stories; that liberate untapped talent and unlimited potential.

Where diversity is the default, invention is the necessity, sustainability is the standard, the progress is global and where the returns are outsized.

Where our future is the one we actually desire, a positive future.

Our purpose is to fuel this ‘Future Positive’ by mobilizing progressive capital, purposeful entrepreneurs, pioneering technologies and powerful communities.

To live up to this promise, we’ve developed a unique approach to investing. We look for value creation and impact of a company across every critical factor — business, innovation, societal and human.

It maintains the authenticity of our attitude, the rigor of our processes, the transparency of our terms and the accountability of our actions.

This aligns our community, informs our analysis, feeds our deal flow, governs our due diligence and guides our decision making.

And it gives absolute clarity on the nature of the entrepreneurs that we seek out, support and stimulate.

Whether they’re a first time founder or a serial entrepreneur, we hunt for exceptional individuals who reimagine and reshape the world.

Those with real purpose and perspective, intention and intelligence, grit and guts, hunger and humanity.

Our role is to short-circuit their route to success by backing them early, taking the long-term view and staying the course.

We arm them with the capital, coaching, content and community for the entire journey. And help them to grow as individuals, leaders and businesses.

To deliver on this, we’ve assembled a community of change-makers and rule-breakers: from engineers to entrepreneurs, designers to dealmakers, scientists to salespeople.

Together, we raise aspirations and awareness, build capability and connections, provide real know-how and solid back-up.

We are committed to creating the conditions that will elevate our economies, protect our planet and advance humanity.

Without compromise, constraints or conformity.

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FPC team

Future Positive

Advanced technologies to solve global needs

Sofia Hmich

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Founder at Future Positive + Board Director at Ynsect. ex @indexventures, International expansion Manager @Deezer. Philomath, lover of daring minds, technology

Future Positive

Advanced technologies to solve global needs