Devicing the future

I spend a lot of time appreciating how tech has taken over my life (in a good way). I was a part of the Web 1.0 revolution and I really couldn’t have anticipated where we are today. No one needs to repeat just how ubiquitous devices are — and how much we’ve come to rely on them. We know all this.

What I’m really interested to see is where we’ll be in five years (or 10 if you’re so brave), and how technology will continue to evolve. Here are a few things I’ve been thinking recently:

-Something like Google Glasses will take off. I’m not sure we’ll be walking around looking like cyborgs but I’ll bet that some kind of mashup of augmented reality, new flexible display technologies, and the wealth of location/contextual data available will be integrated into everyday wearable technology.

-We will be firmly entrenched in a “post-internet” era. Yes, our communications backbone (the internet) will still exist in the background, but I don’t think we’ll be typing in URLs and navigating content and information the way we do today. Everything will be wireless, all dashboards we use to navigate on our devices will be app-like or tiled mosaics, and a solution will emerge that truly lets us find what we want, when we want it (the way Google used to).

-Marketing will be in a whole new era as well. I think a few timeless chestnuts will find a place in the future. Product placement in all of its modern incarnations will be even more prevalent. At the same time branded content will be honed and standardized, with real tech-enabled ability to scale. Someone will crack the code for mobile (smartphone) advertising. Location-based data and offers will be aggregated with opt-in preferences to deliver truly valuable brand/retail engagement on our phones.

-We will be ensconced in a device era. We will each have a couple of small and portable devices that we never leave behind (along with some type of wearable tech as mentioned above). There will be no more “work computer” or “home desktop” as that will all blur, as it has been merging for a while. We are already 24/7 WorkLife people. There will be more work done at home and elsewhere. And, when you are in the office, you will connect your personal devices and take them when you go.

This is just some of what I think about when I envision the future. I really like to sit and ponder where we are going and expand my imagination. I spend a lot of time reading and studying how tech is evolving. As Bruce Kasanoff said recently: “Don’t be limited by what you think is possible.” There are lots of companies and innovators who are truly trying to envision and build what they think is the next big thing. What do you think that will be? Get in touch and let me know.

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