A Look Into Dubai’s Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future features innovations from leading futurists, academics and designers. The museum focuses on developing new ideas and depicting the future in a positive light. While the museum is under construction, they’ve held exhibitions for the past few years.

In 2015, the museum focused on projections of the Smart City. The experience was complete with a three dimensional augmented reality space, construction of city infrastructure using exoskeletons and autonomous robots, and a panoramic simulation of the surface of Mars.

In 2016, the museum predicted the future of robotics and AI. The exhibit made visitors aware of currently available body augmentations, potential computing power, and how AI could become part of our daily lives.

This year (2018) the Museum of the Future revisited the concept of AI advancements but from an artistic and political standpoint. The museum displayed six songs created entirely by AI.

Another section showcased original paintings created by a AI who studied famous artists. The AI is able to create portraits using images input by its programmers and then interpreting the images as it desires.

One AI displayed its ability to pass judgment. Presented as a method for making unbiased decisions, this AI can make decisions for employers and governments, although the final decision is still made by humans.

The museum of the future is due to open late 2019. Who’s up to for a trip?

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