CRISPR, gene editing tool

CRISPR is one of the “trending topics” when we talk about the future of the human species, biohacking and microbiology. But do you know exactly what it is?

It’s a powerful “tool” that uses a series of molecules to edit genes (DNA segments). You can delete a gene, add a new one, activate dead genes and even control the behavior of a gene. It’s based on the defense mechanism of bacteria.

The CRISPR applications are endless: fight HIV, cancer, diabetes or blindness; create new materials by modifying their genetic technology, create new fuels … Do you think it’s science fiction? China has been using it since 2015 to launch treatments against cancer in humans; and recently the US has confirmed that wants to modify human immune cells with CRISPR to become cancer killers.

Obviously there is a “B-side” and is that the democratization of the genetic edition could put in the wrong hands a “weapon” of mass destruction …

I’m sharing this final link to understand better this revolutionary concept: Everything You Need To Know About CRISPR/Cas9

UPDATE: Roberto Anta pointed out that CRISPR has its roots in Alicante :)

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