Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018

Gartner is a research and consulting company that provides information and intelligence to CIOs, IT and Supply Chain Directors, Marketing Managers… Around the world. I love their Magic Quadrants and Hypecycles.

As Azeem Azhar did with his “18 exponential changes that we can expect in the coming year” or as Fjord does every year with its Fjord Trends, Gartner has also launched its list of strategic and technological trends for 2018 in the business environment. Below you can see the video of David W. Cearley, VP & Gartner fellow at Gartner Research, where he explain these trends.

Very interesting, eh? I personally liked the whole approach and each individual trend. Digital Twins, to explain the digital representations of the real world; Edge Computing, which refers to the tendency to add more processing close to the sources of data, AR / VR, the whole mesh with Blockchain with a leading role…

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