Quantum Computing

In the last weeks I had the opportunity to see a Quantum Computer (CES) and to listen to Dario Gil, VP of AI and IBM Q at IBM Research, talk about Quantum Computing. It is a paradigm shift in what we might call classical computing, and the basic concepts are so complex, that I’m going to share this video of Dario explaining the secrets of this new approach in The MIT Venture Capital + Innovation Conference of 2017.

I love this quote:

“The thing that differentiates scientists is purely an artistic ability to discern what is a good idea, what is a beautiful idea, what is worth spending time on, and most importantly, what is a problem that is sufficiently interesting, yet sufficiently difficult, that it hasn’t yet been solved, but the time for solving it has come now” (Professor Savas Dimopoulos)

If you visit the page of IBM Research, you can get more information, and for the geeks, you can try the quantum computing simulator to understand its potential. And please, “stop thinking classically”.

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