Science and medicine reached new heights in 2017

I’m going to start a 365 day challenge. Each day I’ll share a high quality curated content related to innovation or futurism along with a little reflection. I hope you’ll enjoy!

I’ll start with this video of Now This Future, an awesome source of information about futurism and transhumanism. This video show a compilation of the top medical stories during 2017.

Really excited to see all of these improvements and what they mean to the human kind, especially the “Biohacker”. This kind of disruption could be a powerful tool to evolve ourselves but It also might be a double-edged sword, and the ethical questions are starting to rise.

Original sources

Lamb in Artificial Womb
Spray Heals Wounds in Seconds
High Schooler Develops Brain Injury Treatment
Heart Tissue Grown on Spinach Leaf
Man Modifies His Own Genes

Article in spanish: Los mayores logros de la ciencia y la medicina en 2017

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