Lithium x Adoriasoft Partnership

May 28 · 2 min read

Lithium have partnered with Adoriasoft leveraging their industry leading expertise and capabilities to help build our ecosystems products. They are a globally revered blockchain development agency who bring their solution driven approach and resources to our visionary team. Primarily, Adoriasoft will be working with our Product and Technical team to build our crosschain launchpad platform.

Every element of this partnership is geared towards excellence and building something beautiful. All code is bespoke to Lithiums investor and project requirements to ensure, the best in class experience that our stakeholders deserve.

Adoriasoft share similar core values to Lithium making the collaboration perfectly synergised. With strong focus on engineering expertise, effective project management, technological diversity, and technical partnerships, Adoriasoft were the obvious and only choice to help create the industry defining products of the Lithium ecosystem.

A strong industry presence, Adoriasoft are members of Hyperledger, The Linux Foundation, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and Crypto Valley. This pedigree is rare to find and adds exceptional value to the Lithium brand, demonstrating our commitment to revolutionising early crypto for the long term.

With a wealth of experience across areas outside of blockchain such as Big Data, AI&ML, AR&VR, and Information Security Adoriasoft will bring added value across other sections of our roadmap. This is a truly exciting long term partnership between two companies looking to improve and revolutionise blockchain technology.

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