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Aether Games Exclusive Community Round Raise

Creating An Unmatched Gaming Experience

  • Game Development Studio & Publisher
  • Strong focus on artistic excellence
  • Tailored to both on- and off-chain
  • Parent of Gates of Ethernity, Cards of Ethernity, and an animated series titled Aether

In terms of pure gaming experience, the developers of on-chain games seemingly don’t even try to make an effort 99% of the time. Aether Games is the first on-chain venture built from experts in both the cinema and the gaming industry. With its long-term vision and expert guidance, Aether Games isn’t your average gaming developer but resembles Hollywood level film production. The studio’s in-house game development capabilities are on par with the likes of Blizzard, Ubisoft, and Riot Games. Its other two ventures, Cards of Ethernity and Aetherlabs ensures all the necessary skills to provide an ultimate gaming experience exist in-house.

The Aether Games ecosystem consists of three separate entities: (i) Gates of Ethernity, (ii) Cards of Ethernity, (iii) and its animated series, Aether.

Gates of Ethernity (GoE) is an 8-player, free-for-all tactics game, available on Windows. Players player recruit powerful creatures, deploy them, and battle to become the last player standing. GoE is a smarts-based game, where victory is determined by superior tactics instead of superior reflexes. This feeling of sophistication is preserved throughout all aspects of the game—all creatures and locations are designed with insane detail, inspired by dark fantasy.

GoE also offers complexity in its game modes: Three different games modes—Classic, Ranked and Bloodbath—ensure that there’s something for everyone’s taste. Each mode is characterised by its own unique map/board with its own play style, rules, and objectives.

Cards of Ethernity (CoE) is a decentralized digital collectible game, in a competitive play-to-earn form. At its core CoE, allows its users to collect and trade their cards to build superior decks. CoE is the ultimate smarts-game, where players strategically outsmart their opponents by building decks that are able to combat a wide variety of tactics.

CoE is available on Windows PC, mobile iOS/Android, and potentially MacOS/Linux in the future. CoE is free to play. Cards of Ethernity is in the final stages of testing and on track to push the Closed Beta live early next week.

It’s animated series, titled Aether, is produced by noOne Studios, which have previously contributed to the likes of Love, Death + Robots (NETFLIX Original), Beyond the Aquila Rift, and Snow in the Desert.

Here’s a glimpse of this week’s update on the production of the series:

This week we did the face & body motion capture for our series Aether […] We’re driving facial deformation with photogrammetry as if it was an animated scan for the facial motion capture, which is the same technology used in Marvel movies.

Currently, the GameFi space doesn’t offer much in terms of providing a pleasant gaming experience. Even leading GameFi titles are having enormous troubles retaining their users while simultaneously expanding.

Aether Games engages industry experts with the goal of building a universe that will be successful at retaining its gamers while expanding aggressively. Furthermore, Aether Games plans to develop both on- and off-chain, allowing itself to be more versatile, regarding sentiment around the web3 space. With this approach, Aether Games is perfectly positioned to capture both crypto and non-crypto enthusiasts.

Current investors include: Lark Davies, Moon Carl, T2 Latam, 316VC, Matthew Dellavedova (NBA player), Cameron Bairstow (NBA player), and many more.

Date: end of October — TBC
Raise Target: $50,000
Community Round Price: $0.032
TGE Price: $0.045
Vesting: 10% at TGE, 4 month cliff, rest unlocked linear over 12 months

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