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Changes To Our Raise Model

Another Innovation in How We Run Raises

Problems with the Current Model

It’s Difficult to Predict a Raise Amount

Confusion for New Investors on what ‘Overallocation’ means

Solutions to Problems

Introduction of Fundraise Goal

The image above shows two cases. In both cases, users will get their full allocation. In case one the pool hasn’t reached the Fundraise Goal. In case two it has.

Introduction of Dilution

When a pool is diluted, you’ll see the diluted tag at the top, along with the lightning bolt on the progress bar.


  1. Project is deployed, with a Fundraise Target and a Fundraise Limit.
  2. Fundraise target is reached, raise shows 100% progress. Everyone still gets their full allocation.
  3. Fundraise goal is exceeded (for example 100–500%) but Fundraise Limit not yet reached. Project is not yet diluted and you still get your entire allocation.
  4. Fundraise Limit is reached. Project enters diluted state, your estimated tokens and USDC refund will be shown.
  5. Raise continues, there is no limit on the number of people who can invest, existing investors just get fewer tokens and a higher USDC refund.



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