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HARDcoin IDO on Lithium

Introducing chains to the octagon


  • Governance in real life MMA competitions and leagues
  • Simplified ecosystem transactions
  • Unique NFT collections
  • Private Tournament Access


Paving the way for the marriage of MMA and Cryptocurrency, Hardcore FC are pioneering a new experience for fans, sponsors, and fighters. Lithium is proud to be launching HARDcoin released by the Hardcore Fighting Championship, a professional Russian MMA league.

The Hardcore Fighting Championship is not a classic sports organization, but a media enterprise with a huge supporting community! It’s part of Hardcore Media, which is the world’s most popular martial arts reality show. Every tournament is streamed on YouTube and gathers a multi-million global audience — check it out for yourself on their YouTube channel.

If you’re anything like us (staying up until 6am for the UFC) this project is massively exciting. Imagine being able to pick who fights who between the UFC roster… This is just one of the governance elements HARDcoin are offering their holders! Incubated by DAOvc, HARDcoin have already got a great foundation backing them with all the support that they will require to scale and grow.

With the development of numerous fighting games and frainchaises the dissemination of tournaments across television and other channels, has brought MMA into the digital age. With the advent of blockchain technologies and the transition of numerous types of sports into the esports category, it was high time for MMA to catch up and Hardcore Media is ready to get it in a headlock!


Fighting, similarly to other sports, has faced challenges that impede growth, appeal, adoption, ability to scale along with many other blockers.

Firstly, the competition in the entertainment business is staggering — and not just between different MMA franchaises. There’s also competition from highly-addictive games, streaming services, and social platforms that add layers to the competitive nature of scaling a business in this industry.

Secondly, audiences have become increasingly passive with brands looking at ways to boost engagement though VR, VIP packages, Experiences and more. Last but not least, though, with plenty of fighters and professionals from the military and sports areas, it is becoming more difficult to attract new participants to MMA octagons around the world.


Where Hardcore FC have excelled in engaging fans is through the execution of their social strategies. With such a huge following across their social channels, fans have begun to feel more involved with the franchaise and MMA as a whole. Taking HARDcoin to the blockchain only helps concrete this immersive experience through the use of governance, and ownership.

By relying on blockchain technologies with the inclusion of Non-Fungible Tokens and its native token, HardApp will allow fights to become a profitable type of sport accessible via YouTube to a new generation of viewers seeking entertainment and engagement with full involvement and personalisation of the process.

The project’s NFT platform will be acting as the main venue for the purchase, sale and exchange of limited-edition items and memorabilia connected to the MMA arena as a whole, as well as offering tickets to open, closed, and sponsored events. The limited and highly emotionally-charged nature of the items will offer the holders incredible utility across the Hardcore FC ecosystem as well as act as investments in the project itself.

The possibilities of monetizing on the growing popularity of both the sport and the decentralized environment are virtually limitless, allowing HardApp to expand into adjacent industries and produce proprietary merchandise and launch associated projects with digital support.


The main product is going to be a multifunctional online application with support for a number of functions, each representing value for the users. All functions will be accessible via the native HRC token. Each range of items for sale on the application will ensure return-customers and value-generation through the accessibility of viewership and exclusive merchandise, both digital and physical.

The platform members will get access to unique benefits and by using HRC tokens, they will be able to get multiple benefits that include some incredibly interesting benefits such as:

  • Arranging a personal meeting with a fighter
  • Getting maximum ticket discounts
  • Participating in private events
  • Getting and NFT autograph
  • And dozens of other benefits!

Who wouldn’t like to fight, we mean meet, face to face with their favourite fighter? With HARDcoin this will be a reality!



For this IDO the Airdrop will be in $HRC at 1% of the raise.

IDO details

When: 21.01.2022
Where: Lithium
Raise: $250,000
Price: $0.04


Website: https://hardcoin.io/
Telegram Ann: https://t.me/Hardcoin_channel
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HHardcoin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HHardcoin
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hardcoin.official/
Medium: https://medium.com/@Hardcoin



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