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How Holding $EBSC Generates Passive Income.

Holders of the Lithium strategist tier and above can generate significant passive income, simply by holding their tokens.

This is done through our revolutionary launchpad airdrop functionality.

Airdrop rewards are proportional to how many tokens you hold. This effectively means that each token you hold (providing you’ve owned 2,500,000 or more for longer than 1 month) will yield you an amount of our launchpad project tokens

Let’s take a look at how much passive income you could potentially earn through holding $EBSC.

Calculating your % of airdropped tokens.

The first thing we need to do is calculate how much % of each launchpad companies tokens you will receive as an $EBSC holder:

Total $EBSC Token = 5,000,000,000

% of Tokens Held by Strategist Tier and Above = 40%

Total $EBSC Tokens Eligible for Airdropping = `5,000,00,000 * 40% = 2,000,000,000'

Now we understand the total supply eligible for airdropping we need to calculate what proportion of this supply you own.

Let’s use an example of owning 10,000,000 $EBSC

Your $EBSC Holding = 10,000,000

Your % of Airdropped Tokens = `10,000,000 / 2,000,000,000 = 0.5%’

Therefore, owning 10m $EBSC means you will own about 0.5% of the total airdrop supply.

Calculating the Total Airdrop Value of Launchpad Projects

The next step is to calculate the total value of the airdrop supply over a week and year.

Launchpad Projects a Week = 2

This is the number of projects we plan to launch a week through Lithium. We anticipate this may increase as we grow.

Average Exit Mcap of Launchpad Projects =$10,000,000

This is a conservative estimate as to the average exit mcap of each launchpad project you are airdropped token for. Some may be closer to 100m, some will be less.

Proportion Airdrop Token = 1%

We can now multiply these variables together to get the total airdrop value.

Total Weekly Airdrop Value = `2*$10,000,000*1% = $200,000'

Total Yearly Airdrop Value = `52*$200,000 = $10,400,000'

Calculating Investor Returns

Now we have the total value of airdrop tokens we can calculate what this would mean for an individual investor who owns 10,000,000 $EBSC, or 0.5% of the total airdrop eligible supply.

Your % of Airdropped Tokens = 0.5%

Total Weekly Airdrop Value = `0.5%*$200,000 = $1000'

Total Yearly Airdrop Value = `0.5%*$10,400,000 = $52,000'

Obviously, numbers for average mcap exit point here are assumptions, but hopefully you can see how the airdrop functionality of the Lithium launchpad has the potential to yield incredibly returns to our investors.

To put things into context at a token price of $0.002, 10m $EBSC would only cost $20,000.

Too long have launchpads kept profits for founding teams, and not redistributed funds to the community. Lithium’s airdrop functionality will change that.



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