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How To Participate In A Lithium IDO

A step by step guide to securing the bag

Each launchpad has it’s own process and ways of doing things. The aim of this guide is to arm you with everything you need to know to participate in a Lithium IDO.

Please note our Launchpad is constantly being improved, so some screenshots may look slightly different, but the general logic should be similar.

The guide will be broken down to the following steps

  1. Securing Your Tokens and Tier
  2. Staking Your Tokens
  3. Investing in a Launchpad Project
  4. Claiming Your Tokens

Securing Your Tokens and Tier

The first thing you will need to participate in the Lithium private sale IDO’s are $EBSC tokens. The majority of Lithium IDO’s sell out at the private sale round, so if you want a guaranteed allocation you must first buy $EBSC.

If you want a detailed guide on how to buy $EBSC on pancake swap. You can check out this video

If you want to secure more tokens of a launchpad project, the below tier list should make clear the maximum investment.

Lithium tiers

Higher tiers also get allocated proportionately more tokens than lower tiers, so even if a Strategist and Evangelist tier invest the same amount the Evangelist tier will receive more. We will go into more detail on the allocation logic in Step 4.

Finally the more tokens you hold above the Strategist tier, the more free airdrops you qualify for. You can read more about our airdrops here.

Staking Your Tokens

Staking Logic

Once you have your $EBSC tokens, you will need to stake them. Here’s a few important bits of information, before we dive into how to stake.

  • Staking doesn’t need to be done before the IDO opens for investment, stake your $EBSC just as the IDO opens.
  • You can unstake your $EBSC as soon as you’ve claimed the IDO tokens.
  • While staked, your tokens don’t qualify for reflections.
  • There is no fee to stake and unstake tokens, apart from the transaction fee, payable in BNB.
  • There is no advantage to staking over your tier level. For example two investors who stake 7m tokens and 100m tokens will both get the same allocation, if they invest the same amount. Stake the highest tier you can afford, and no more.

How To Stake

  1. To stake your tokens, first visit the staking page
  2. Make sure your wallet is connected, on BSC Mainnet
  3. Click the ‘stake’ button

4. Input the amount of tokens you want to stake, for ease of use you can use the buttons to auto stake

5. After you’ve staked the staking modal will update to show you your current tier

Now you have your tokens staked, you are ready to invest in the launchpad IDO

Investing & Claiming in a Launchpad Project

Investing & Claiming Logic

  1. Lithium offers an over-subscription model, this means everyone is guaranteed some tokens.
  2. Your allocation is based on the amount you invest, and your tier. You can read the allocation logic here
  3. In the event of over-subscription you will receive a proportion of the tokens, and the difference in BNB. For example, if you invest 1BNB and the IDO is oversubscribed, you may receive 0.4 BNB worth of the IDO token, and 0.6 BNB as a refund.
  4. Sometimes IDO’s will be vested. This means you won’t receive 100% allocation straight away. In the case of vesting, instruction on how to get all your tokens will be given on an IDO by IDO basis.

How To Invest

  1. Visit the pool that you want to invest in. You will not be able to invest unless the pool is open / active, and your wallet is connected with tokens staked.
  2. Make sure you have enough of the native token (BNB for BSC projects) in your wallet and enough to cover the small gas fees.
  3. Click the invest button on the pool page, or use the buy button at the bottom.

3. After investing, you will clearly be shown the amount you’ve invested, and the amount left you have for allocation in your tier. All this will be shown in the swap currency, for example BNB.

4. You will have until the pool closes to invest. It is preferable to invest in the first hour, as this will qualify you for democracy hour, which you can read about here.

How To Claim

  1. To claim your tokens, click the ‘Claim’ button on the token pool page

2. Your allocated tokens and BNB will then be sent to your wallet

3. If you don’t see the IDO token in your wallet, make sure you add it as a custom token into your Metamask.

4. Remember, in the case of vested projects, you will not recieve all the IDO tokens at once, it will be communicated how to claim these vested tokens.

If you have any further question about our IDO process, please head over to our Telegram.



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