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IDO Announcement — NFT11

The beautiful game — on the blockchain

  • First mover PTE Football Manager game
  • Proven demand for the project
  • Massive in-game personalization
  • Partnership with football legend — David James
NFT11 — Introduction

NFT11 is pioneering the class of football management simulation video games in the GameFi space. They aim to bring the beautiful game into the metaverse — allowing gamers to be actual football managers, handling every single element of their team from training players, participating in transfers/tournaments, and owning seats in NFT11 stadiums. In a nutshell — They are a genuine first mover in the PTE Football Manager space and look to disrupt the traditional game which sold over 33m copies in 2021 alone.

Already showing massive demand for the project — raising $2.2m from a syndicate of investors, NFT11 is now looking to raise more capital across several launchpads in order to build out the product, execute more world-class partnerships and roll out an exciting marketing campaign.

NFT11 Banner

There are only a few ways to skin a cat. The reason we are behind PTE games is that across web 2.0 and traditional gaming there lacked incentives and ownership concepts for players.

The problem with this is that beyond the realm of the game itself the player does not physically own any of this redeemed loot or in-game items. Additionally, we are not able to express our authenticity, we all have very cool online usernames and profile pictures, but there is no immersive audiovisual component that does justice to our individuality.

GameFi as a concept itself is combining gaming and finance, delivering real physical ownership and financial incentive for players to immerse themselves in their respective universes, and increasingly so, cross-universe. The core value is the return of ownership of digital assets to the players, not the platform. This not only boosts incentive but works to increase trust between game and player as the world of gaming on web 3.0 continues to grow at an impressive rate.

Product overview

NFT11 is a football manager/real-time tactics game on the blockchain and in order to execute on the vision, the team has built the game around three core components — each having already proven market demand.

Players / Legend NFTs

As of December 13th, 6244 unique addresses have minted a total of 16,642 player NFTs which can be traded and used within the NFT11 metaverse. Each player has different characteristics and statistics which improve as they progress through their careers — offering gamers real-world simulations and the ability to build their own teams and compete against others. Since player batch auctions have been live since September 2021 the average sellout time has been a minuscule 3 minutes — the definition of smoking hot real estate!

Players utilities

Tactic Cards

Like in the original game and other well-known play-to-earn environments, booster cards are available to be purchased and traded which provide performance and statistic boots. Three different card types — Attack, Utility, and Defence all provide enormous potential to personalize the gaming experience and a truly immersive experience.

NFT11 Stadiums

Another seriously exciting feature of the NFT11 metaverse is the ability for players to purchase land within stadiums — taking advantage of real-world ‘debentures’ and the highly popular trend of metaland championed by the likes of Sandbox and Decentraland. Going above and beyond to place utility in every corner of the gaming experience — each of the 11,000 stadium seats are tiered and offers holders unique benefits such as income/fee rebates, player scouting opportunities, and staking rewards.

Stadium seats — NFT Metaverse

$25.5 billion. That’s the current market cap of the top gaming tokens currently on Coin Market Cap, and one of the reasons Lithium has been focussed on the Gamefi / Play-to-earn space in recent months. The niche is booming at an obscene rate — forecasted to hit $300 billion by 2026, and that’s before we account for the size of the football market.

The beautiful game is the most popular sport on the planet. Forecasted to grow at an average CAGR of 18.3% between 2022–2027, the current $1.8tn market offers plenty of potential to projects who can effectively hone in and capture a share of the global football space. Region-wise the dominance of North America and Europe is more in the global market. This is attributed to the commencement of national & international football events and the increase in the popularity of sports in these regions. Furthermore, the participation of associations and sponsorships are adding to growth.

Football hot-spots

Having already secured a partnership with ex-Manchester City, Liverpool, and England legend David James — NFT11 has also closed deals with AI SPORT Technology, alongside Finext Eastern Bank Corporation, Savage Digital Assets Management, LootEX, Refinable and TofuNFT.

See below for an exclusive interview with David James & NFT11

“In my years of experience navigating the world of finance, GameFi has truly stood out as an emerging and exciting market. The team and I are confident that the future of both the gaming and finance industries are about to enter a paradigm shift and the NFT11 Metaverse is ready to take its spot as a pioneer and leader in the space.” — Andrew Ling, CEO

Andrew (CEO) & Shaun (COO)

Emerging from the incubation cocoon of AI Sports, the team is full of talent with backgrounds in finance, technology, NFTs, gaming, and marketing. Both the CEO and COO have successfully run various projects in the past — making them perfect candidates to develop NFT11 into a leading blockchain game!

What often lacks in projects is a strong marketing and growth strategy so we were thrilled to uncover the talent driving this side of the business — Chance (CMO) leads teams in Singapore, Beijing, and Vietnam, and has previously risen to run a large marketing department within the tech space. Supported by growth lead YC who boasts experience in NFTs, crypto, and gaming — we are super excited to be working with such a well-rounded team to launch the upcoming NFT11 IDO.

How capital will be used

IDO Details

When: January (TBC)
Price: $1.30
Listing price: $2
Raise: $400,000
Vesting: 20% TGE, then 8 month linear


Website: https://nft11.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/ul_g8DEMZ8g0OTQ1
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NFT11_Official
Medium: https://medium.com/@nfteleven
Tokenomics: See here
Pitch deck: See here



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