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Introducing The Vesting Dashboard

Finally, a single place for all your Lithium investments

How frustrating the experience of investing on a launchpad can be.

First, you need to stake launchpad tokens, get your stablecoin, then go through an often poorly designed investment process, including onboarding and KYC.

Then — once you think you’ve jumped through all the hoops and hurdles and finally want to claim what is rightfully yours — you have to navigate to a confusing 3rd-party site to claim your tokens. Forget whatever fundamental concerns people may have about crypto; this process in itself is already tedious enough to put anyone off early-stage crypto investing.

It’s no secret that here at Lithium do things differently. We want to make investing in crypto startups as simple as buying your favourite book on Amazon.

Lithium's wider strategy of eliminating friction from crypto investing.

With this vision in mind, today we proudly release our vesting dashboard: A single place where you can access all your investments made through Lithium.

How it Works

  1. When you first open the vesting dashboard, you’ll likely see a blank screen, showing you that vesting points will appear here once you’ve invested in a Lithium raised project.

2. If you invest in a project that vests on Lithium, you’ll see the claim points appear, as below

3. Please note that you’ll only see claim points for the chain you have currently selected. For example, if your wallet is connected to Binance Smart Chain, you’ll only see BSC projects. If you want to see vesting points for projects on other chains, you’ll need to switch the chain in your wallet accordingly. This can be done using the wallet dropdown or through your wallet directly.

4. In order to claim, simply press the claim all button to claim all outstanding tokens in a single transaction; these will then all automatically be sent to your wallet. A single transaction to claim all improves the user experience and also saves on gas fees.

What is Not Included in This Version

Trying to build a ‘perfect’ product in its first iteration is delusional. When building product, we think about how we can deliver the maximum amount of value as early as possible. The alternative to the current state of the vesting dashboard is not having a dashboard at all—releasing a feature that provides decent value is way better than waiting and delivering nothing.

With that in mind, here are some limitations of the current vesting dashboard:

  • Vesting details for projects that aren’t vested through Lithium are not available
  • Claims are displayed according to their chains (i.e. not a single view for all claims on all chains)

Future Iterations

We will address both above issues in time, making three distinct iterations.

Iteration 2— Link to other vesting sites.
If a project (for whatever reason) isn’t vested through Lithium, we will show investors the amount of their investments and when to claim. They however won’t be able to see their vesting progress.

Iteration 3 — Link to other vesting smart contract.
This will be an improvement on iteration 2, with the difference being that investors will also be able to see their vesting progress of vesting done by third-party sites.

Iteration 4 — Centralised API
Our final form (for now) will be the ability to show all chains in a single view. This will require a lot of work, as we’d need to build a centralised API that receives data from a number of different chains. We’d then surface all information to the user, and only prompt them to switch network to claim.

An example of a Polygon and BSC project being shown in a single view.

We hope you enjoy the vesting dashboard as much as we’ve enjoyed building it. The first project to be vested through Lithium will be BetSwirl.

As always, any feedback is welcomed through our Telegram.


Tom, Team Lithium x




Future Venture is a publication from Lithium Ventures, covering IDO’s, announcements, and opinion pieces.

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