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Legion Network IDO with Lithium

The Best of Blockchain in the only dApp you will need


  • Collaborative NFT Marketplace
  • Metaverse
  • Play to Earn (P2E)
  • Watch to Earn (W2E)
  • Innovative SaaS products


Blockchain. Web3. Crypto. Decentralisation. These terms are becoming increasingly common but it is not always clear or apparent what they mean, what they do, and how they are relevant to you. Well, no more. Legion Network are delivering a revolutionary new blockchain ecosystem housed in on super application.

Already widely covered in notable publications Legion Network is solving the problem and complexity of access to crypto driven services on their platform easily accessed and understood by stock boomers and early crypto adopters alike. The simplicity in the delivery is an incredible feat considering what the project is actually delivering.


The product itself is housed in one decentralised ‘Super App’ providing easy and simple access to the suite of services provided by Legion Network. The wider Legion ecosystem is categorised into 5 distinct products each delivering considerable value to its users.


Bluemoon is as ambitious as it is straightforward. Solving the existing problems found in NFT marketplaces it also offers users a host of innovations. Bluemoon will allow artists to collaborate with brands as well as the community. As well as buying and selling you can also create, compare, swap and rent NFTs.


Think mainstream P2E adoption. Think Steam, but you get paid. Not only will Arcadia have a host of P2E games for gamers to get stuck into, earning LGX in exchange for their time and efforts, the platform will provide daily challenges also paying out rewards and prizes.


One of the core principles of Lithium is education and Empower might be one of the smoothest applications of this ethos we have seen in the space. Throwing the traditional revenue model used by the likes of YouTube on its head, Legion offers its users not only the opportunity to learn, but get PAID whilst doing it. Empowering both the students and the teachers we are huge fans of this innovation, and so should you be.


With Legion Rewards you will be able enter a weekly giveaway to win prizes by completing different tasks every week. This platform not only centralises where users have to go to earn rewards and discover projects, but gives legitimate projects an engaged and interested user base already using the Legion Network platform.


It wouldn’t be Legion Network without thinking of everything, and that is where Bizpad comes in to play! Legion’s Bizpad will provide a one stop shop for software that is crucial to delivering value across Web3.


Web3 is often an incredibly complex and distributed environment. Whilst that has its advantages, especially for us early adopters and self confessed nerds, it does not help to drive adoption. With the ever growing number of chains, centralised, decentralised, hybrid and more, who’s strengths and weaknesses offset eachother for privacy, or throughput or any other number of factors, crypto is becoming increasingly diverse and distributed.


Legion Network intends to create a super blockchain- based ecosystem
that will connect creators, large brands, influencers, entrepreneurs and help them to unleash their potential via cutting- edge technologies.



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