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3 min readJan 20, 2023


Gm Lithions! Today we’re really excited to announce a much-requested feature from our clients, and we think our dedicated users are going to find it pretty fun too!

When it comes to hierarchies, we often know who’s sitting on the throne. Football — Messi. HipHop — Kendrick. Ponzi Schemes — I guess there is a hot battle at the top between SBF and Bernie Madoff. But who is the kin of clout when it comes to your favourite web3 project? Who’s the Chief of Shills, the Duke of Discord?

Well, these are the questions our new leaderboard feature seeks to answer. From today, you’ll be able to see where you and your frens stack up for certain projects, let’s take a look at how it works 👀

Whose Head of the Pack?

All projects will now have leaderboards. The metric of ranking will be XP. We only rolled out XP a couple of weeks ago, yes we iterate that fast 💪. But, if you need a reminder, XP is a reward that is associated with every task, alongside the token, or allocation reward you’ll already be familiar with. XP can be used by Lithium projects in a number of ways, from assigning drippy Discord roles to giving random prizes to top contributors.

Each project has its own XP and its own levelling system. We will be tying this all together with a Lithium mega tier (hello new token utility) but for now, just imagine each project as a distinct game, where the aim is to level up, earn rewards, and have fun doing so. The leaderboard will keep tally of this levelling system —so simple even woody_chicken seems to have figured it out…

Damn, not even Top 5

Top Gainers

Everyone loves a bit of gamification, don’t they? I personally like to gamify my leisurely morning stroll to Lithium HQ, I try and make it the whole 1.23 km from Hackney to Dalston without treading on any lines in the pavement. Or maybe that's just my autism…

We’ve gamified our leaderboard with ‘This Week’s Top Gainers’. This, will show the last 7 days of activity, so you can see who’s really putting in the work, and who’s resting on their laurels *cough* Drake *cough*

.Who said you need trenbolone sandwiches to hit some serious gainz

It’s only just begun

Product Manager Tom likes to bore Team Lithium with his platitudes. He thinks he’s the sage of agile product development. I’d personally rather watch my dad get out of the bath than listen to his repetitive dulcet tones for a second longer.

Still, one thing we can all agree on is that if something delivers value to users, we should ship it 🛳️. That’s why we often deliver features even though we know there is a tonne of room for improvement. Having a leaderboard is better than not having one, every iteration from here is marginal.

Over the coming months, we’ll likely make some key improvements to this feature, but as always, they’ll have to be prioritised with everything else in our burgeoning roadmap.


  • Leaderboard is live and lit
  • You’ll level up by completing XP rewards
  • Each Leaderboard is specific to each project
  • Projects may choose to reward top gainers or those at the top of the leaderboard after a certain time
  • The best is yet to come


Tom, Team Lithium