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2 min readMar 1, 2023


What We Built This Week…

Seems like it’s been a while since we did one of these, doesn’t it? You might even be forgiven for assuming the rapid pace of development is slowing down. Alas, our developers have not been granted any respite from the cracking whip of the Lithium feature factory, if anything they are picking up the pace. We’re working on a top-secret massive operation we’re calling ‘Operation Mayday’ and we won’t be making many releases until that’s done.

Having said that, some features just are that important, so this week we took a break from Operation Mayday to give our customers a long-awaited improvement, this week we’re rolling out native referrals.

Introducing Referrals

  • Lithions can now refer their friends to earn rewards
  • Projects can set up any referral incentive they like
  • Users can share directly with a QR code, or a link


Lithions can share in a couple of ways, either by sharing their unique QR code, or by using the link. Each QR code is unique for each project. Only new users will count as a referral.


You’ll be able to see your past invites, and what stage of the journey they are in the ‘past invites’ tab. Referees will need to confirm their email and complete a mission in order to count towards your rewards!


We’ve also delivered a brand-new onboarding flow for users who have been referred, this gives everyone context as to why they’ve been invited to join a specific community.

It’s a simple feature, but one we are hoping will help our clients drive a tonne of user growth!

If you want to get started referring friends, check out our current projects, a few of them have set up referral programmes already!


Tom, Team Lithium x