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Lithium Product Update N03

What we’ve delivered this week…

Busy week at Lithium. Most of our smart contract developers are tied up with delivering the $IONs token, and we’ve made our first iterative improvements to the vesting dashboard.

🏦 Third-Party Vesting Links

This week we iterated on our vesting dashboard by adding links to projects that launched through Lithium but are being vested through a third-party app.

The vesting dashboard will show you a link to the site, but won’t yet tell you what your vesting state is; you’ll have to visit the third-party site to see that.

This was a heavily requested feature from our community, so we’re super glad to deliver it.

🔐 MultiSig For Vesting Projects

There’s been a few notable examples in the last few weeks of launchpads that have really f****d up their vesting. Developers rugging, contracts being exploited—it’s not good.

We took this opportunity to up our game and migrated our vesting code to a new multi-signature platform. This means that we are even more resistant to potential attacks to our vesting contracts.

💻 New Banner on Homepage

You may have noticed a shiny new banner on the homepage. This banner lets people know about the $IONs token, along with a link to a video that is embedded in the app.

We can reuse this logic to promote other new product releases.

🌙 V2 Token

This week we completed end-to-end testing on the v2 token.

We also deployed new staking, rewards and token sale contracts (on testnet) that will allow investing in USDC and staking with the new $IONs token.

That’s it for the short and sweet weekly product update. As always, have a great weekend.


Tom, Team Lithium x



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