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Lithium Product Update No2

What we’ve delivered this week…

Lithium Product Update

What we’ve delivered this week…

Busy week at Lithium. Most of our smart contract developers are tied up with delivering the $ION token. But we’ve managed to deliver some cool stuff! Including a few improvements on the launchpad after feedback from our first launch

🐞 Bug Fix — Max Allocation Bug

There was a bug that allowed decimals to be entered into your allocation on the launchpad.

Our smart contracts only accept whole BUSD values, so this was causing transactions to be rejected.

Hitting ‘max’ on a launch will now round down to the nearest integer value.

🐞 Bug Fix — No Wallet Connected = No Info on Raise

There was an issue where if your wallet was not connected, you wouldn’t be able to see critical raise information such as the progress.

This has now been fixed, even if your wallet is not connected, you’ll see the raise progress

🎨 Small UI Fixes

We’ve made a number of small UI fixes.

One example is the view you get when you have no rewards to claim on the rewards dashboard.

🌙 V2 Token

Delivery of the token isn’t iterative from a customer point of view, it’s binary. $IONs is either deployed or it isn’t.

However, in the background, we are testing it iteratively. This week the following functionality was delivered

  • Total supply and MATIC contract
  • Variable tax
  • Epochs (charging cycles)

We are very much on track to deliver the token in the next few weeks.

Would be curious to get your thoughts if this update was useful at all! Let me know


Tom, Team Lithium x




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