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Lithium Product Update No4

What we’ve delivered this week

Another busy week — with the main focus again being on the $IONs token launch. It’s not just a case of launching the token, we need to update our staking contracts, vesting contracts and rewards logic!

Even with this mammoth bit of work going on, we’ve still found some time to ship a few cool things this week, part of the Lithium product team's core value of shipping value every single week.

🤑 Project Rewards Claimable Via Dashboard

Previously, when we dished out project rewards (previously known as airdrops) we’d just send them out automatically into an investor's wallet through an airdrop. At first glance, this seems like a no-brainer, passive income and a great user experience.

The problem is that it doesn’t encourage users to interact with our application. The goal of good software design is to nudge users into frequently coming back to your product and to make it crystal clear the value they are receiving. Project rewards are a real ‘a-ha’ moment in the Lithium experience, where investors get to realise passive returns for simply staking on the ecosystem, so we want to ensure these are front and centre.

Project rewards are now claimable on the dashboard, and the first rewards will be claimable on Friday (project to be revealed!) GASSEEEDD! 💪

🛑 View Raise Details When Not Connected

One issue we were facing on our web app was that if you were browsing without your wallet connected, you wouldn’t be able to see the details of a raise, for example how much money was raised. This was because we pulled the data off the blockchain, using your wallet to request the information.

This was a bad user experience. Projects browsing our site might get the wrong idea that we weren’t filling raises, and it also meant that potential new investors might be put off.

We’ve now fixed this issue and you can see the pool details if your wallet is not connected. We still have a lot of work to do on providing an incredible onboarding experience for people without wallets, but this is one step in the right direction.

🧪 Completed End To End Testing of New Token

As we’ve mentioned before the new token is quite a binary milestone, from a user point of view. It’s either deployed or it's not. This doesn’t mean we don’t have our own internal milestones in the product team though. This week we completed end to end testing of the token. This means the token is currently being audited, ready for deployment shortly!

Another week of real progress and the new token just around the corner, LFGGGGG


Tom, Team Lithium x




Future Venture is a publication from Lithium Ventures, covering IDO’s, announcements, and opinion pieces.

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