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Lithium Product Update No5

What we’ve delivered this week

Eeek, we forgot to post this last week, they’ll be a more up to date update coming out on Thursday 16th!

Another busy week — with the main focus again being on the $IONs token launch. It’s not just a case of launching the token, we need to update our staking contracts, vesting contracts and rewards logic!

Even with this mammoth bit of work going on, we’ve still found some time to ship a few cool things this week, part of the Lithium product team’s core value of shipping value every single week.

Adding Token To Wallet

When you claim your tokens through either the vesting or rewards sections of the dashboard, it might be the first time you ever interact with the token you have invested in.

Most wallets do not automatically add tokens to your wallet to make them visible when they first get added. I guess this is a conscious choice by Metamask and the like to stop you from getting bombarded with scam tokens.

We’ve implemented a feature that means when you claim a token for the first time you’ll be prompted to add it to your wallet, so you can see everything in one place!

👮🏻‍♀️ Supercharge Rewards Testing Finalised

We’ve finalised testing for supercharge rewards, which we’ll be unveiling next week. Supercharge rewards allow all staked investors to get access to a special $IONs reward pool that is delivered at the end of each epoch.

You can read more about the supercharge rewards logic here

💳 AWS Infrastructure

This is probably a bit boring, for most of you, but build in public and all that.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is our cloudless server provider of choice. The server is the computer that executes the code Lithium is built upon.

We’ve been trying to optimise our costs for AWS, this month brining it down by a few hundred dollars, we still have more to go, but this is part of an ongoing exercise we are going through to look at ways to reduce our ‘burn rate’ across the board.


Tom, Team Lithium x



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