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Lithium Product Update No6

What we’ve delivered this week

Probably the biggest week in Lithium’s history. New token, new rewards systems, new LP pair, CMC. We are beyond excited to share this week's progress with you.

💪 $IONs Token

This week we released the $IONs token, now tradeable on Quickswap, and trackable on CMC.

I can’t tell you how long this has been coming. It’s such a joy to see our token listed on the number one tracking site, it just adds to our legitimacy.

As far as the airdrop of the new token goes, I think it was one of the smoothest I’ve witnessed. Everyone got the exact amount of $IONs they were expecting (down to the decimal), we had 30% of our tokens staked after only a couple of days, and all the reward mechanisms were working perfectly.

🎉 New Rewards

As part of the $IONs launched, we also launched a completely new rewards mechanism: Supercharge Rewards.

I won’t go into detail about the mechanism in this article, check it out here. The important thing is that this is all working, and you can see the progress of the charge cycle on your dashboard

Trading pair swap from $IONs <> $MATIC to $IONs<>$USDC

In predictable fashion, 24 hours after we switched our liquidity to MATIC, the market decided to fall out of its arse.

We made the lightning-quick decision to pull liquidity, and swap the MATIC for USDC, which means that we are not at the mercy of fluctuations in the price of MATIC, which we wrote about here. Unfortunately, making this change bought in a bug or two:

  • USDC <> MATIC swaps not being taxed properly
  • Incorrect calculation of Supercharge Rewards

Both these bugs have now been fixed and Supercharge Rewards show the progress of the charge cycle.

🔻Small Front End Changes

We’ve made a couple of front-end changes

  • Updated the How To Invest graphic
  • Changed links to Quickswap and the token contract
  • Removed any reference to $EBSC

A huge week and we’ve got big things planned. Check back next week for another feature we are really excited about!


Tom, Team Lithium x



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