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Lithium Roadmap Update

Our vision & how we will make it happen.

We’ve danced around the topic of Lithium’s vision for the last few months. Our product update gave some insight into the priority of the launchpad and the Team update showed the key positions we’ve hired for and why.

In this article, I want to break down, as concisely as possible, what our main focus at Lithium is.


Launchpads across the board have taken a big hit over the last few months. IDOs aren’t guaranteed to 10x overnight, vesting schedules require investors to be more patient, and increased competition means that more needs to be done to stand out.

We are not phased by these developments, as they are a natural part of the product lifecycle, and we feel well-prepared.

Lithium is strongly convinced that we are super early in the launchpad space, and we believe that launchpads are the next step in the evolution of Venture Capital. We understand the value that launchpads add to investors: the ability to invest in early-stage projects with high-growth potential. We believe, that a 100x of the total launchpad market cap is inevitable.

This belief guides everything we do at Lithium.

We are, first and foremost, a launchpad. As it stands, our mission is to build the most customer-centric launchpad in the space. Put simply, Lithium is developing the best Launchpad experience in the market—so that everyone, regardless of their investing or crypto knowledge can participate in early-stage projects.

We won’t be doing any crazy pivots, and we won’t be implementing any wild new business models over the next few months. We will be iterating and doubling down on the value that we have created so far.

Planning Strategy

We never plan for more than a few months in advance. We don’t profess to be able to see that far into the future, and the space moves too quickly. We want to stay nimble and iterate (almost just as) quickly. We utilise new technologies as they arise, we listen to our customers, and we build and launch great products and projects.

While we spend a decent amount of time discussing a few ‘blue sky’ ideas (which we have in the pipeline btw), we try to stay grounded in the reality of things. To be more concrete, here’s what we are going to be doing over the new few months to deliver on our mission:

Big Levers

There are a few key levers we will be pulling, let’s have a look.

Staking V2
You are probably sick to death of hearing about Staking V2. Due in Q1 of 2022, staking V2 will provide a tonne more value to long-term holders, even out the sell pressure, and make the token more attractive to new investors. You can read more about staking V2 here

Staking V2 Tiers

New Token
Again, we have a whole article on Token V2. The token will finally unlock CMC, allowing us to more aggressively penetrate the market. Token V2 will also allow us more flexibility in our tokenomics to do some very cool stuff, including a proprietary referral scheme.

Site Design
Aesthetics matter. We’ve already talked about our new site design at length. It will be cleaner, easier to follow, and more attractive to new investors than what we have now.

New site design, hero section.

Vesting Dashboard
One of the key requests from our community has been to allow vesting to be done in the Lithium Web App. We have some big ideas for our vesting dashboard, which will decouple token sales from investing, allowing investors to invest in BNB/BUSD and claim in any EVM compatible token. The dashboard will also move us towards our ‘one app’ vision, making the whole process of investing super simple for new investors.

Wireframe for the vesting dashboard

Deal Flow
We are only as good as our deal flow. While many other launchpads have struggled to source high-quality projects, we have a great pipeline of projects with great teams, strong ideas, and a history of execution. This pipeline is fed by our incredible research team, that Ben has built out and now includes a network of dozens of scouts.

You may have noticed the work we’ve been doing on our organic marketing. Seb, our content writer (among other things!) has put together a robust process to organically promote our launches and create insightful pieces to educate investors on the Lithium space.

An extract on an in-depth research report on Buffer Finance, part of our broader thought-leader strategy.

We are also working with a well-known PR agency, who are promoting the articles Seb is writing to the wider crypto space, we will have a separate announcement on that shortly…


As you’ll see there are no huge moonshots here nor mad product changes (although we might see something like that further down the line). For now, we’re taking care of the basics, with a remarkable focus:

Build the best launchpad possible.
Delight our customers.
Create the best CRM in the game.

If we do all these things, we will be in an unbelievable position to capitalise when the next bull market comes.



Tom, Team Lithium x



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