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4 min readAug 8, 2021


Lithium are incredibly excited to publicly announce the first project in our incubator’s genesis cohort as well as our first BSC IDO. Buffer Finance are an exciting DeFi protocol operating on Binance Smart Chain looking to revolutionise Options trading through allowing buy and settle options against a liquidity pool rather than requiring a counterparty.

Buffer will be going through the Incubator leveraging Lithium’s extensive network of partners to expedite project development and community growth. They are one of the first recipients of investment from Lithium’s Fund II, with Lithium taking a stake in Buffer on behalf of our investors. Furthermore, Buffer Finance will be Lithiums first IDO via our upcoming Launchpad, scheduled for the end of August.

Problem Statement

Traditional options trading is confusing, inflexible, and largely inaccessible to the everyday retail investor. Buffer is revolutionising the space bringing highly customisable options trading to blockchain. Removing the requirement for counterparties, and streamlining the trading and settlement processes Buffer are looking to solve the inefficiencies in a largely uninnovated space.

No protocol on any chain currently offer options on BNB, despite it being the 3rd largest cryptocurrency by market cap. This problem is compounded with the only options available through centralised exchanges being highly illiquid and only accessible in very few markets.

Education in the space is also limited, with many investors being put off from options trading due to its inherent complexity even when it is often the best way to leverage and make profit for investors with limited capital.

Value Prop

Buffer is a non-custodial options trading platform with the bi-directional liquidity pool fully managed by smart contracts. This means that multiple liquidity pools are not required and that both Buy and Put options can be written from the same pool. In similar vein to Lithium, Buffer want to simplify options trading, making it accessible to the everyday retail investor.

Settlement is trustless and entirely decentralised with each contract being settled on-chain. Additionally, each individual contract has the liquidity locked, removing all liquidity risks that are commonplace in traditional counterparty options trading.

Buffer are also introducing innovative prediciton games over their options platform. This development works to further simplify and gamify the end to end process of options buying. Just another example of what the team at Buffer Finance are developing for the options market across Binance Smart Chain.

Go To Market

Buffer have ran a successful proof of concept on Testnet with over 2000 BNB TVL in their liquidity pool at time of writing. This shows the sheer scalability and demand for the products that the team at Buffer are bringing to Binance Smart Chain. Lithium are proud to support Buffer’s transition to Mainnet and bring options trading to the wider market.

The capital invested in Buffer Finance will be used to support comprehensive marketing activities as well as additional product development. Alongside this the IDO will allow Buffer to release their token into circulation and enable investors to begin interacting with their platform on Mainnet. Further details of the IDO will be released in due course and is currently scheduled for the end of August on Lithium’s Launchpad.

Lithium’s Value Add

As an investor in Buffer, Lithium have provided capital in order to be able to expedite time to market, and marketing efforts. Additionally, the Lithium team will work closely with the founding team at Buffer Finance in order to develop the product, utilising our own experience in Finance and Product Development.

The IDO gives Buffer Finance a clear, easy and affordable route to market rewarding $EBSC holders with a 0.5% airdrop of $iBFR and zero fees to the project.

Going through Lithium’s incubator also means that Buffer Finance will be able to leverage and access Lithium’s considerable network of partners in order to add value and grow the project. From marketing, PR, development and more Lithium will work to get Buffer preferable rates, priority, and opportunity to scale and grow their business effectively.

Buffer Social Links:
Website: www.buffer.finance
Telegram: https://t.me/bufferfinance
Twitter: https://twitter.com/buffer_finance
Medium: https://buffer-finance.medium.com