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Lithium x Earlybird Partnership

A partnership to drive awareness of the Lithium project

One of the main problems facing early-stage crypto projects is raising awareness of their existence, without throwing obscene amounts of cash at paid marketing.

Lithium’s Launchpad provides an organic growth engine, which you can read more about here, but we are always on the lookout for effective ways we can widen the reach of our project, in a scalable, measurable way.

Our most recent partnership with Earlybird, offers such an opportunity.

Who are Earlybird

Earlybird offers an interesting take on the ever-growing yield farming/staking space in early-crypto. Whereas most tokens allow rewards of their native token for a commitment of staking, Earlybird takes an approach that is much wider-reaching and offers real benefits to the whole of the early-crypto space.

Earlybirds approach is simple but innovative. By holding and staking the Earlybird token you can choose your staking rewards from a number of different projects (currently limited to the Binance Smart Chain). The advantages of this approach for Earlybird are clear, by engaging early-crypto projects as staking rewards, they will drive organic growth to their own token, increasing the value of holding Earlybird as a standalone asset.

Earlybird is a great example of a community-first project, that drives value to its own project by directly benefiting other projects. This is one of the core values that differentiates blockchain projects from standard web products — the ability to plug into the DeFi ecosystem and provide mutually beneficial rewards to a whole ecosystem of parties.

Earlybird represents a lot about what we love about Web 3.0 at Lithium. Community. Permissionless creation. Decentralisation. Innovation.

How The Partnership Will Work

The partnership, to start, will be a simple one. Earlybird will offer Lithium’s $EBSC token to it’s stakers as a reward. If stakers choose $EBSC as a reward, these will be purchased by Earlybird and sent to the stakers wallets.

In return for this promotion, Lithium will raise awareness of Earlybirds project to our investor pool through educational and marketing pieces.



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