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A successful launch of any product requires good storytelling. This truth is only further compounded in the early-stage crypto space, where founders often launch their IDO on the back of a vision, rather than any tangible product.

Part of a good story is showing the experience of the founding teams. Part of it is clearly communicating the product vision. Part of it is creating technical assets, such as a whitepaper to assure investors that the product has real promise.

Part of telling a good story, however, is pulling all these elements together into a consistent brand.

An example of one of our marketing assets, created with Misto

A well-thought-out brand image, that ties in every element of the product, whether this is the website, Twitter posts, articles or videos provides a more intangible form of value to help investors decide on whether a project is right for them.

At Lithium, we’ve taken the visual components of our product seriously from the start. Our website is best-in-class, our marketing assets are consistent. Our brand has real meaning. Our YouTube videos are edited to the highest possible quality.

We’ve been able to achieve this because we’ve partnered with the best.

Introducing Misto

Misto are a digital design house who have worked with us at every step of our journey. Taking our vision from idea, to launch and soon to be a fully functioning product.

Misto, bring a wealth of UI/UX experience to the Lithium ecosystem. Their small, focused, cross-functional team has decades of combined experience producing beautiful digital experiences. Bringing creative direction, user interface design, user experience design and illustration, we are confident that Misto will prove a huge value add to founding teams, helping them craft a compelling visual product story pre-launch, and product user experience.

Misto’s portfolio speaks for itself. They’ve worked with multiple multi-million dollar businesses, both in the SaaS and Marketplace industries.

We are proud to announce that as of today, all incubated services will be able to have access to Misto’s design services, all included as part of their incubator package.

How Will The Partnership Work?

Together with Misto, we have crafted a design launch package for founding teams. This package will ensure that as an incubated company you will have all the digital assets you need for a successful launch. This package includes, but is not limited to:

  • Complete marketing website design
  • Full-spectrum of marketing assets, for all relevant platforms
  • Ad assets.
  • Initial UX consultation services for the product

If incubated companies wish, they can continue working with Misto long after their IDO, utilising their UX expertise to craft and iterate their MVP. Any cost of ongoing work after the launch package will be borne by the incubated company.

We believe the addition of Misto to the Lithium ecosystem will prove a huge value-add for incubated companies, setting us even further apart from Launchpads who’s only value-add is the ability to perform a presale, and maybe some half-hearted marketing activities.

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Future Venture

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Future Venture

Future Venture is a publication from Lithium Ventures, covering IDO’s, announcements, and opinion pieces.