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Lithium x One Button Trader

A sophisticated tool, for the retail investor.

We don’t like the word ‘democratising’. It has some wanky, inauthentic air about it. It’s a word shouted from an empty suit in order to drum up capital from other empty suits, all with the masquerade that you are doing something good for ‘the people’.

If we can’t use ‘democratising’ But how to describe One Button Trader, a tool that provides financial instruments, previously reserved for only the most privileged investors, to every day, retail investor.

We just call it levelling the playing field.

For too long chimps in suits have made obscene amounts of cash, trading with superior knowledge, access and tools. For too long have they reaped the real seed of economic growth, while the rest of us have been stuck earning poxy returns rates from banks, or if we are fortunate, property.

One Button Trader is a toolset to add huge value to the growing trend of DeFi, the movement that takes power away from corrupt centralised systems, and bring it back to the people.

What is One Button Trader?

At its core, One Button Trader is a trading bot. A trading bot that allows you to gain exposure to long positions in the crypto market, in an incredibly simple way.

The team at One Button Trader have put user experience front and centre. All you need to do is connect to an exchange, select the bot you want to run, and select the trade pair you want to profit off. It’s a slick user interface, that lets the retail investor do what the smart money does, in a matter of minutes.

Users can select a number of different bots, with different strategies.

But One Button Trader isn’t just a pretty face, under the hood lies its real unique value prop. Full AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) technology, that theoretically — only gets better with time.

Perhaps it’s worth diving into a little aside as to how AI/ML bots operate.

Now, my understanding of AI&ML technologies is only surface level, but hopefully enough to give an understanding. If you understand the theory of evolution, you can understand a route to generate a very specific kind of AI. Here’s why.

Imagine you are playing a game with very set rules (in this case the rule is you must end the game with maximum profit, by buying a certain stock and selling it at different times, as many times as you like. Effectively, this is the game of trading. Now imagine we write a program that executes these trades with a certain strategy, we then clone that program with 10,000 variations in its strategy. After the game has ended we take the winners, we then ‘breed’ the strategies of the winners to create 10,000 ‘children’ with a combination of the successful strategies. We repeat this again and again, the hypothesis being that each cycle of breeding, returns better performing strategies.

Effectively, this is how AI/ML trading bots are born. A combination of evolutionary principles and advanced computational algorithms. This is the technology One Button Trader employs. This technology has led to, on average, the top AI bots outperforming the markets by +5.42% on a week-to-week basis for 9 consecutive weeks.

One Button Trading’s slick dashboard.

Why Lithium Are Betting on One Button Traders Success

One Button Trader has a shit hot team, with dedicated AI/ML engineers working to constantly improve the bot’s success. The initial traction that One Button Trader had developed as a platform also filled us with confidence.

To us, it was an exciting opportunity to pivot One Button Traders business model, from a SaaS application to a token-driven business, where holders of the $OB token will receive real value, such as access to premium bots and discounted fees.

The response from our Lithium community beta testing program, added to the confidence we have in One Button Trader, with the overwhelming majority of participants voting to launch the product on the Lithium Launchpad. Clearly, the early adopters were on board.

We are confident in our decision to both invest in One Button Trader via Fund II and also launch them on our Launchpad.

Next Steps

We are currently springing into action, and will be providing One Button Trader with our usual suite of services. We will start by clarifying the value proposition, which will somewhat change (at least from a financial point of view) one One Button Trader becomes a tokenised asset.

Once product vision is clarified we will work on creating a token with tokenomics that suit One Button Traders product, and ensuring this value is properly communicated to investors. We will then get the marketing engine up and running including content creation, and of course PR and general paid/hype methods to gain momentum

In all, we are incredibly excited to be working with such a talented team, with an insightful vision, and a slick, proven product. To the future.



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