Lithium’s 2023 Roadmap

Everything you need to know about what you should expect 🔥

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3 min readFeb 10, 2023


A Letter from the Team,

2022 was a difficult year for all of us. From the macro economic backdrop, to multiple black swan events, to a pivot away from Lithium’s original vision, it has been a rocky road. That’s why, we as a team, want to extend our gratitude to every single one of you who still believe in what we’re building and support the project in the multitude of ways that you continue to do.

We see 2023 as a real catalyst for our vision and community; our roadmap for product delivery is bigger than the previous two years combined. It has taken time to fully identify the problem we are solving and the value we are looking to provide to both you (our community) and the project (our client). It’s a finely balanced equation but one we are determined to solve. Before we get stuck in to what to expect, let’s re-visit our journey so far 👇

  • March 2021 — Twitter Blog Starts
  • April 2021 — Telegram Channel Starts
  • August 2021 — MVP and First Raise
  • April 2022 — Lithium v2 Launches
  • June 2022 — $IONs Token Launches
  • July 2022 — Lithium PLUS Launches
  • September 2022 — Lithium Pivots
  • Late 2022 / Early 2023 — AWS and KPMG Partnerships Announced

Now we can finally reveal the roadmap iteration we are most excited about to date.

Here’s a summary of what you can expect in 2023. There are numerous parts of the business that we are looking to build upon, as Lithium scales throughout the year. Let’s dive in.


  • Leaderboards (done)
  • Reward Changes — a new feature to select the rewards YOU want
  • NFTs — Mintable and earnable NFTs providing utility benefits within the Lithium ecosystem as well as NFT pfp’s to use on the platform.
  • Internal Gamified Missions — Community driven request providing fun rewards and incentives to redeem on platform

New Tokenomics

  • Our token was built with a launchpad in mind. Expect new utility around missions, discounts, boosts, redemptions and MORE.
  • Apologies, we know you’ve been waiting for a while on this one & we’re nearly finished: In-depth tokenomics coming Q1 2023.


  • Start earning for bringing your friends into the Lithium ecosystem. Your referral code will be tied to the value they bring to the platform and earned in perpetuity. Think infinite passive benefits.


  • Further Integrations
  • Bot development for Lithium to be native on Discord, Telegram and more
  • Database Re-architecture
  • Multi-chain integrations
  • A whole host of top secret B2B developments 🤫


We will be releasing in-depth posts on each of the above sections in due course to give you more insight and detail on what exactly each iteration and development will do.

Team Lithium 💙