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Marketing Plan

It’s time

It’s a hot topic and one that has plagued the community for some time. Marketing at Lithium has been absent, and that is intentional. Behind the scenes the team has been working tirelessly to build a best in class product, new token contract, innovative new staking logic, close partnerships, and grow our investment and IDO pipeline.

Publicly, we expressed our views on allocating budget to marketing. As a community-driven project, spending $15k+ a month on marketing didn’t make sense at the stage Lithium was at. The product wasn’t there, the pipeline wasn’t established and the budget would have been wasted. As Lithium has grown, and Polygon is added to the Launchpad it is finally time to begin the marketing activity we have spoken about for months.


As a project, we will be announcing a string of advisors to help consult, advise, and direct the business as it grows. Within these appointments, you can expect a ‘GameFi and Metaverse Advisor’, ‘Marketing Advisor’, ‘Latin American Advisor’ and more. We’re super excited to begin revealing the high calibre team we are assembling to help direct Lithium as we sail into 2022 on a high.

Whilst we have achieved a lot as a community and founding team, it is crucial to the projects success and growth that we leverage the expertise and experience of leaders in their respective fields.


As part of our marketing plan, we are onboarding a crypto first programmatic agency to run online ad campaigns for Lithium and our incubated projects. These campaigns will target some of the largest online crypto publishers where we will run Native and Display ads. This partnership will be announced in the coming days.

Community Management

We are onboarding a community manager who will help manage the Twitter, Telegram and work on building our discord as part of our broader marketing strategy. The CM sits in one of the small boutique agencies that we have appointed in order to support our marketing activities. The CM will start next week.


We have got agreements in place with numerous large Latin American crypto influencers who will start to cover Lithium and talk about our project on their platforms. This is part of our push to increase our exposure in different geographies, removing the dense concentration of our user base in Europe. The influencers will be managed by an agency we are working with to devise our content strategy and schedule.


Lithium are actively looking to hire a head of marketing, and have spoken to numerous people about the role. This is a crucial first hire for Lithium so we want to ensure that we bring onboard the right person who can really supercharge our marketing efforts. They will work with the partners we have got in place to ensure our marketing strategy is perfectly put together, with the budget spent in areas that provide the most value to the project.


We are in the final stages of discussion with numerous agencies to ensure that our marketing spend is allocated correctly and proportionally. Each agency brings something slightly different and operates in different global geographies, this is crucial to gaining exposure and scaling Lithium to the level that the project needs.

Each agency provides services around:

  • Community Management
  • Social Media Growth and Engagement
  • Online Reputation Management
  • IDO Marketing and Support
  • PR and Event Management
  • Web Traffic and SEO services

We will publicly announce each agency we appoint and publish articles on what specifically they are supporting the project with.

We appreciate you guys have waited a long time for this to begin, but we are finally at the point where we feel our marketing spend can be justified. We look forward to launching into 2022 with our global marketing plan and activities.

Strap in.



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