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New Growth Leader Advisor

An impactful hire, to boost our reach

Lithium is growing with speed and consistency. To manage this growth and help us find the best opportunities for our community, we’ve onboarded Gustavo Sabino and his specialized growth team, the NFT Game Network.

They are already working with us and, since they started, our Telegram has grown, our Twitter has gained followers, and our number of holders has increased massively.

Introducing Gustavo Sabino

It is with great pleasure that we announce Gustavo Sabino (Guhs) as our growth lead advisor. Great to have you on board Gustavo

Gustavo holds a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, alongside two post-grads in accounting and an MBA in business management.

With 8+ years of experience in accounting and finance working for companies like Unilever and BNP Paribas, Guhs brings some well needed organisational skills, methodical reporting and a process-driven approach to the wild west of crypto marketing.

Guhs now advises growth for many P2E projects, and Lithium will be looking to use Guhs’ incredible connections in P2E to build out its network in this nascent space.

A Word From Gustavo

I joined Lithium as a growth leader advisor with a mission to expand the awareness of the company and create a strong community.

Our focus now is to build a foundation of influencers and strategic partnerships that will be used in our all IDOs. I strongly believe that Lithium will be in a few months a very consolidated launchpad in the market and I will do my best to achieve this with the company.

A Word From Team Lithium

We started working with Guhs earlier in November, and since he started he’s absolutely hit the ground running.

He came on to help with our influencer marketing but has ended up rolling up his sleeves and getting stuck into all areas of the Lithium project.

Guhs has been instrumental in helping us generate great quality deal flow, sign terms with nascent teams, and promote our project throughout Latin America, it’s for these reasons that we were keen to do everything we could to bring on Guhs into the Lithium journey, helping us build an incredible launchpad that gives maximum value to investors.



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