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New Hire, Head of Ops

Moving fast, trying to avoid breaking things…

It’s no secret that in fast-growing startups, speed is often prioritised above efficiency and rigour. When starting a company the most important thing is to get to product:market fit, nothing else really matters. No product:market fit, no revenue, no revenue, and you’ll quickly fail.

At Lihium, we’ve grown at a speed that has astonished us. We’ve gone from 1 project a month, taking around $200k in GTV to 4 projects a month, averaging more like $2m. This speed of growth has not been without its costs. Behind the scenes, life at Lithium has been frantic — unsustainably so, and this has led to many human errors as we’ve grown into our position of an established launchpad. Investors will have noted issues like airdrops not being completed on time, refunds with slight errors, or IDOs that have to be rescheduled.

While we’ve made great progress in ironing out some of these kinks, in 2022 we are making stepping up our game — we want our operational capability to become one of our core strengths.

In order to achieve this goal, we knew we needed to bring on someone who lives and breaths operations. Someone with an insightful engineering mind, someone with experience helping businesses scale through their challenges.

Welcoming Daniel

Daniel’s speciality is helping companies turn chaos into order, by implementing processes and no/low-code solutions Daniel will turn Lithium into an engine, creating a repeatable process for IDOs that will ensure Lithium can scale to new heights.

Daniel’s past experience involves working with a number of founders to implement their internal systems, he does this and shares his experience on his Twitter, where he’s amassed a good following of productivity obsessed individuals.

He’s already had a huge impact at Lithium, helping us codify our processes so that we make fewer mistakes. Daniel has also implemented a tonne of automation into our systems that will free up the time of the founders to focus on higher leverage activities, without having to hire more people.

Indeed, keeping costs low is one of Daniel’s core responsibilities, it’s easy to think that as you scale you can just throw more heads at a problem, but this rarely works out in the long run, you end up with a bloated company, that’s difficult to communicate across and ultimately is expensive. By trying to find smart, automatic ways of solving problems Daniel will make sure that we can scale to $5m in monthly GTV, without having to make any new hires.

We hope you’ll join us in welcoming Daniel to the team, his work may not be as visible as some of the sexier product stuff we have going on, but you can rest assured it’s going to deliver a tonne of value!



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