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Niftables Private Round Raise

Providing NFT Infrastructure for Creators and Brands


  • NFT Metamarket
  • Consolidates NFT investing, VR, AR, and Metaverse
  • Fiat payment gateway
  • Infrastructure and tools for creators to develop NFTs


We believe that NFTs are the future, and we’re not talking about Apes and Gorillas. NFTs are the key to ensuring that people, rather than governments and corporations, retain ownership of their data and virtual items. Admittedly, much of the recent NFT craze has been focused on artwork (no judgement!). However, we believe now is the time for the many other potential use cases of and benefits created by NFTs to shine. Backstage has realised that soon, many of these potential use cases created by NFTs will very soon outstrip utility as merely artwork.


Niftables is the first all-in-one NFT infrastructure that consolidates key NFT investing and interactivity features into one easy-to-use interface—and when we say all-in-one, we mean it. Niftables offers a striking variety of services and solutions, including its own NFT marketplace, VR, AR, Metaverse, AND white label infrastructure solutions for influencers and creators (plus much more, see image below).

Furthermore, their own fiat payment gateways break down barriers to entry for non-crypto users, opening the door for NFT mass adoption. A feature that we at Lithium are particularly excited about is their NFT white label services, which offers creators the necessary tools and support to seamlessly bring their NFT ideas to life. These NFTs can then also directly be traded on Niftables own NFT marketplace.


For non-crypto natives, NFTs can be intimidating to get into. As it stands, a minimum of six separate steps are required to purchase NFTs. One single wrong click during any of these steps can lead to losses of funds or even worse, the compromising of a user’s entire crypto wallet. However, buying NFTs is just the tip of the iceberg — creating, using, and distributing NFTs adds another intimidating layer of complexity to the process, deterring interested consumers and creators from entering the space in the first place. Clearly, this is a massive barrier to mass adoption—as these different steps and processes are often scattered across various applications, protocols, and platforms.


Niftables is positioning themselves as the go-to platform for a one-stop-shop NFT experience. Niftables main value proposition targets creators looking to realise their NFT vision. Whether they’re an individual or the biggest entertainment company in the world, they will be able to create, use, and distribute their NFTs seamlessly with Niftables. On the Niftables marketplace, consumers and investors can then easily connect and transact with these creators. To incentivize platform adoption, Niftables is launching the $NFT utility token, which will reduce trading fees, unlock special features, and offer many additional rewards.

Token and Vesting

The $NFT token is the master key to unlocking the full power of the Niftables platform and its incredibly set of features. The $NFT token has two main utilities:

  1. Paying for everything at a discount. Since the $NFT token is the primary payment method in the ecosystem, all payments made using the token in the marketplace, in customized user profiles, and on all external white label platforms, will receive a discount. You’ll also be able to easily top up your wallet’s $NFT balance at all of these locations using cryptocurrency
    or through their own fiat payment method.
  2. NFT Launchpad. Niftables is offering its $NFT holders early access to some of the hottest Initial NFT Offerings (INOs). Through their launchpad you’ll be able to view white label platforms currently in development and then secure your whitelist spot directly using $NFT. For each project there’ll be a limited number of spots available and users will be required to stake $NFT into specific project pools on a first-come-first-served (FCFS) basis. Successful applicants can then receive their NFT or NFT packs through the “Claim NFT” section of their chosen white label platform. See below for steps on how this works.

In addition, $NFT stakers will enjoy liquidity mining options, receive exclusive airdrops from partners, enjoy exclusive access to VIP rooms in the metaverse, and enjoy numerous other giveaways, raffles, and lotteries.

Extra Sauce

Check out these creators and brands, who are already utilising Niftables:
✅ Banksy — Fractionalized Three Banksy Arts (10k NFTs)
✅ Leo Messi Ballon D’or 1/1 NFT
✅ Haykoff Gallery Art collection valued at $65M
✅ Inkbox (1.2M brand)
✅ Jay Brewer (50M across all platforms)
✅ The Hype House (largest global influencer house)
✅ Thomas Petrou (2.1M IG)
✅ Christian Combs (P Diddy’s son)
✅ Veronica Bielik (3.4M)
✅ Indoggo (Snoop Doggs Gin Brand)

✅ And many more…

Private Round Raise Details

Date: TBC
Raise Target: $30,000
Private Round Price: $0.05
TGE Price: $0.07
Vesting: 10% at TGE, rest unlocked linear over 8 months



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