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One Click Crypto Partnership

Invest in Crypto successfully with AI

  • AI powered asset manager
  • Customisable trading bot solutions
  • Try One Click Crypto for free as part of partnership

We’re excited to share that we are partnering with One Click Crypto to help facilitate testing of their trading platform. One Click Crypto offers a solution that helps you beat the market, without lifting a finger.

One Click Crypto is an asset management platform, powered by AI. Their AI tech stack performs the two vital tasks of any asset manager: portfolio distribution and asset management. While portfolio distribution refers to the efficient allocation of capital among cryptocurrencies, asset management refers to the holding of those assets to generate returns superior to the market.
One Click Crypto’s AI operates on a neural network, which is a decision-making system that derives patterns from past and new data to anticipate future outcomes. is not based on a set of algorithms. This neural network is fundamentally different from the more common decision-making systems, which are based on a set of algorithms, i.e., hard encoded rules of “if x happens, then perform y.” As a result, neural networks are more adaptable to new markets and circumstances than algorithmic decision-making systems. It is important to notice that One Click Crypto’s trading AI does not simply follow past trends or technical indicators; neural networks have their own “sense” of a current trend but are not programmed to follow these trends—an abundance of factors, other than simply a direction, are considered before making a trade.

Our partnership entails a few super exciting elements. Start earning $OBT rewards by completing a few simple tasks.
We also put together an exciting competition for you, in which you will be able to win $OBT, premium memberships to the platform, and NFTs. Head over to the One Click Crypto page on Your Projects to start earning and to enter the competition.



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