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5 min readApr 20, 2021


The Lithium community has come a long way in the last few weeks. We’ve experienced exponential growth on our Twitter and Telegram channels. We’ve achieved a 20x return in our first fund. Most importantly, together we’ve created an incredibly engaged and active community.

It’s no secret that we have big plans for the Lithium ecosystem. In this article, we’ll share these plans.

The Team

When investing in any early-stage startup, the team is one of the most important factors to consider. We think we have a rockstar team, with each founder bringing a unique skill set to the table.

Ben, CEO

Ben helps dictate the vision, strategy, and marketing elements of Lithium. He has multiple years of experience trading in early-stage crypto assets and has a wealth of experience working in cybersecurity.

Tom, CPO

Toms role as Chief Product Officer is to create the strategy and execute the product development of Lithium. Tom has experience in scaling early-stage startups, with a track record of doing this both as a founder and product manager. You can see past experience on his personal website.

Jake, Head of Trading

Jake our Head of Trading brings nearly 10 years of knowledge trading different assets with both crypto and traditional products, and will bring this trading knowledge to manage, our early-stage crypto fund, which we’ll explore a bit later.

As well as bringing a unique set of skills, the founding team have also all known each other for years, as we met at university. We genuinely love working together and are confident in our ability to be able to build something great.

Ok, so now you are a bit more familiar with the founding, the question is why does early BSC exist and what are we building?

The Vision

Simply put the vision for Lithium is to become the authority in identifying, promoting and educating investors in early-stage crypto projects.

We believe that the early crypto space is an incredibly exciting place to be, but is currently in a very infant, unsophisticated phase of its lifecycle.

When Instagram first started it was primarily used by young people to share photos, it was difficult to monetize. The same is true of TikTok and most social media startups. As these startups mature so does the audience, this audience starts driving real cash into the ecosystem, this more mature audience also starts requiring more sophisticated products and content.

The early-stage crypto space is demonstrating many of the same characteristics. Retail investors armed with small wallets and little information are mainly investing on gut feels or advice from influencers. We believe investors with larger wallets, and institutional investors will soon see the gains to be made in early stage crypto assets and move to the space. These investors will demand much higher quality information, and much better products to access this information.

At Lithium we want to be the go-to platform for investors to access the value of early-stage crypto assets. We are going to do this through a 3 pronged approach. We have the Lithium fund, the Lithium launchpad, the Lithium Incubator and premium education content. Tying all this together is the $EBSC token. Let’s explore all these elements in a bit more detail.

The Fund

The fund has been spun out of the Lithium community and the success of a smaller closed-ended fundraise completed earlier this year, we will shortly be opening a wider investor cycle and launching Lithium Fund II. We aim to disrupt the traditional VC model, offering everyday investors access to a diversified portfolio of LONG TERM projects we believe are best placed to benefit from the transition to Web 3.0.

We have a multi-stage investment process to vet projects, use cases, teams, and the code of new, exciting projects built on emerging blockchains, and take large stakes in these projects, supporting founding teams and offering networking opportunities to our portfolio companies.

Other exciting features include daily NAV tracking, no management fees and the ability to vote on crucial management decisions — a far cry from the traditional VC industry and one we are super excited to open to the masses

The Launchpad

The next element of our ecosystem is the Lithium launchpad. We think a lot of launchpads used for early crypto projects are pretty terrible to use. The likes of Dxsale don’t really provide potential investors with any real value. We are creating a launchpad that gives investors all the information they need to make an informed decision on whether a project is right for them. Information such as liquidity locking, details of the founders, the use case of the project will all be front and centre.

A preview of the Lithium Launchpad

All projects on the launchpad will be carefully vetted by the Lithium team, with a 15 point due diligence process including founder interviews. Liquidity locking will also be ensured via our proprietary blockchain tech, so investors can rest assured there won’t be rug pulls on our launchpad projects.

There will be some great synergies between the fund and the launchpad. We will offer the creators of crypto projects an angel investment from our fund if they wish to use our launchpad. This means we can back promising investors, and get investors who back our fund in on projects at a discounted rate, maximising their returns.


The $EBSC token binds together all our products, allowing believers in the space to benefit from the long term success of the ecosystem. Let’s take a look at how it works.

First, holders of the $EBSC token will get reduced management fees in the fund. For larger investors further down the line, this could result in $000’s saved every year.

Second, holders of the token will get early access to our launchpad projects. We want to reward those who believe in the long term success of the early crypto projects with priority access, so they can see more of the upside of the tokens.

Finally, the token will give governance privileges, so you can help shape the direction of Lithium, answering important questions such as do we go outside Binance Smart Chain? Do we look at larger market projects? And decision on tokenomics such as token burns.

We are so excited to be bringing you these products over the next week and months, if you want to keep up to date on our progress check out our Telegram and Discord. We want this to be a community-driven initiative and for you to contribute and be rewarded by the success of Lithium. We are going to be doing frequent AMA’s and other initiatives to keep you updated on the progress.