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Product Update

What We’ve Delivered This Week

Gm Lithions! This week has been about one thing and one thing only — vastly improving the initial experience for new users into Lithium. You see, if the experience for first-time users isn’t great, they may never actually become activated, this is a term we use in product/marketing to describe a user who completed the sign-up process for your platform and is primed to get some real use out of it.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve onboarded thousands of users onto our platform, but we’ve also lost out on activating thousands more. You can imagine the Lithium product as funnel, we take potential investors, and convert them into superfans. Our issue was our funnel had some pretty large holes in the top of it!

We were losing people at the Aquisiton phase.

This week we’ve made a number of changes to improve top-of-funnel conversion, lets see what.

First Time Onboarding

If you were a first-time user for Lithium before you’d have to go through the below flow. Seeing a boring blank screen to connect your wallet, and then having to follow some instructions to onboard yourself to the project you initially came for, not ideal.

Our old onboarding had a lot of friction

We’ve completely overhauled this onboarding with the aim of reducing friction (basically effort) to get users completing their first mission. Now every user who comes to the project-specific link will see all of the missions. The first mission they’ll always see is to input their email, but there's an incentive to do this (the baseline allocation in the project). Users will also only connect their wallet when they select a mission to complete. These tweaks mean users get to see the value straight away, and we’re certain it's going to massively improve our conversion rates.

The first page users now see (even if their wallet isn’t connected)

Twitter Automation

No one wants to have to upload screenshots as proof of work being done. While for some missions this may be unavoidable if we want to verify genuine engagement, for some stuff it's just not necessary.

One of the most common missions projects like to utilise is the retweet for follow functions for Twitter. This is also great for exposure to the Missions / pools of a project as you can create a retweet mission for the tweet that is promoting a project's use of Lithium.

This week we added in Twitter automation for retweet, follow and like tasks. This will make the experience of completing these missions a lot slicker and more joyous, as these tasks are often the first that users complete we’re pretty certain it's going to help us better engage and retain those first coming to projects on Lithium.

Twitter tasks are now all automated!

Next Week 👀

Here’s a sneak peek into what we are working on next week

  • Timed / instant tasks — for tasks that aren’t instant, we’ll show a timer of when it will be available to claim
  • Discord & Telegram integration
  • Pixie Dust — small UI/UX changes that will make the experience more delightful


Tom, Lithium



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