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Project Nexus Partnership

The App that combines Real Estate, Stocks, and Crypto

  • Combining Real Estate, Public Equity, and Crypto through tokenisation
  • Empowering investments by reducing barriers to entry

We have some exciting things in the pipeline for 2023 and kicking off the first of our partnership announcements is an app that fits into that category easily!

Project Nexus is building its own app that combines two of the largest traditional markets in the world—Real Estate Market and Stocks—with the fastest growing market—Cryptocurrencies. Through its own mobile application, Project Nexus utilises blockchain technology and tokenisation to unify these three markets into one. In addition, tokenisation removes traditional barriers to entry such as high capital requirements and lengthy KYC processes. Simultaneously, users can take out loans with flexible repayment and immediate payout by providing real estate tokens, derivatives, and cryptocurrencies as collateral.

Project Nexus has identified the following issues within (a) the real estate and stock markets, (b) the crypto and DeFi space, and (c) loans provided by traditional finance providers.

(a) Issues within the Real Estate and Stock Markets
Entering the real estate market as a retail investor is nearly impossible due to large capital requirements. Similarly, entering the stock market can be difficult due to the vast range of exchanges, brokerages, and agencies, and the collective power they hold. Novel solutions such as Robinhood or eToro have also recently received much scrutiny and often showed their limitations as products—as such, these new applications have not yet been able to provide perfect solutions to the traditional institutions.

Then there’s the knowledge barrier in both the real estate and stock markets; when entering as an investor, research is essential—but obtaining necessary information is often difficult because it is either spread too thinly or too diffusely across many different platforms. As a result, collecting the necessary amount of information is typically a lengthy and painstaking process.

Lastly, numerous lengthy KYC processes add additional barriers to entry as they create friction.

(b) Issues within the Crypto and DeFi Space
CEXs are often complicated to navigate for non-crypto natives—again creating friction and resulting in a lower number of investors. Enter DeFi, and the issue becomes tenfold, due to the addition of the novel idea of decentralisation. Even more problematic, decentralisation introduces severe issues of user safety due to the prominent occurrence of scams. As above, investors need to spend (even more) time researching potential investments.

Then, there’s the issue of fragmentation across exchanges: Currently, over 100 different CEXs exist, all listing different tokens and currencies. Since most CEXs require lengthy KYC processes, building a truly diversified portfolio becomes extremely time-consuming.

(c) Traditional Debt Financing
Applications for small loans and credit cards are typically unnecessarily lengthy, restricting investors from obtaining capital—often for no tangible reason. Similarly, interest on loans and credit cards can be crippling, encouraging debtors to default.

Microloans are either expensive or often impossible to access in many countries due to regulations. Especially in developing countries, people will be ineligible for loans because they cannot obtain a bank account or don’t have access to banks due to proximity.

Bundling real estate shares and stocks into tokens that can be traded without any KYC requirements solve issues native to (a) real estate and stock markets. In addition, the Nexus App compiles large amounts of data and information and makes these digestible for the investor.

By providing a slick and clear UX/UI on its app, and by listing assets held on over 100 CEXs and again removing KYC requirements, Project Nexus solves issues identified in the (b) crypto and DeFi space.

Lastly, investors on Project Nexus can easily collateralise their assets and borrow against these at fair and flexible repayment terms. By providing a less bureaucratic solution to loan seekers, Project Nexus solves shortfalls of (c) traditional debt financing.

We’re excited to support Project Nexus throughout the development of their product. We will also support Project Nexus by managing, growing, engaging, and rewarding their Nexus community — while allowing you to earn rewards and gain early access to product features and other developments. Throughout our first conversations we discovered that Project Nexus is a fascinating project with a team who is building on an exciting vision, and we can’t wait to help Project Nexus grow!



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