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SolChicks IDO Announcement

Solana P2E comes to Lithium

Continuing the theme of GameFi ushering in the end of 2021, Lithium is proud to present the SolChicks IDO to the community. The P2E game, operating on the Solana blockchain, is currently one of the most hyped GameFi IDO’s in the market launching across roughly 20 launchpads, having raised $4m in their Seed round. Solana has been having its fair share of the limelight as on of the, if not the, best performing Layer 1 in the market. It’s only logical that hotly anticipated projects built on top of it, such as SolChicks, are destined for the same trajectory.

Solana has seen parabolic growth this year as developers move over to it for its superior speed and gas fees


  • Online social NFT based game on Solana
  • PvP or Collaborative game modes
  • Collect, bond, and train your SolChicks to be the best
  • Browser and Mobile compatible (PC only for now)
  • Limited to 10,000 SolChicks with varying rarity attributes
  • Updates such as Marketplace, Breeding, Land, Gangs, and more


SolChicks’ mission is simple. They plan to be the leading fantasy NFT PVP and P2E gaming ecosystem on the Solana blockchain. The game is built around the SolChick NFT collectables which provide the foundation of the unique gaming metaverse for players to explore.

Play To Earn (P2E)

There are multiple ways to earn through playing SolChicks and interacting with the suite of feature rich applications the developers are building into the experience. The $CHICKS token is the utility token at the heart of SolChicks and will provide players holding it governance rights. Being paid in $CHICKS is determined through weekly leaderboard / MMR rankings, encouraging players to become skilled and experienced in the game.

The capacity to earn doesn’t stop there though. There are 3 other ways in which players can turn time spent on the game into earnings.

  • Breeding — players are able to breed SolChicks to unlock rare attributes and sell them in the marketplace.
  • In Game Rewards — NFT items, Shards of Love (SLC), and more can all be earned through gameplay and then traded on real world exchanges.
  • Earning SolCoins — This is the in-game currency that players can use and exchange for various purposes in the game to improve their return on time.


PvP mode allows players to test their skills and pit their SolChicks against each other in the field of battle. This essential gameplay mode allows team battles resulting in your SolChicks gaining experience and winning you prizes.

The innovative algorithm means that the battleground will match you with teammates and opponents of similar levels and skill. In this arena of cuteness it is up to you to showcase your SolChicks strength and ability to players from all over the Solana universe!


Only the most battle hardened SolChicks have the opportunity to participate in the coveted Raid game mode. Raids are designed to have a significant increase in difficulty and allow seasoned players to team up in Co-Op battles. This game mode, whilst more challenging, comes with the allure of greater spoils for players. Good luck.


Bonding with your chick is important. Baby SolChicks are fragile creatures that require your care and attention in order to grow big and strong in order to survive everything the metaverse throws at them. There are two ways that players are able to bond with their SolChicks, playing with them and feeding them. Make sure you strike the right balance.


Training is a crucial element to your SolChick becoming a force to be reckoned with in the metaverse. Bonding with your SolChick and winning PvP battles will result in experience points being gained. Once the EXP gauge has been maxed out for your SolChick, it will level up and take you one step closer to becoming the fiercest SolChick of them all.


Across web 2.0 and traditional gaming there lacked incentives and ownership concepts for players. In recent times game studios attempted to address this lack of reward through structures such as the loot crate, giving players the opportunity to exchange a consumable virtual item for further random virtual items (or loot).

The problem with this, is that beyond the realm of the game itself the player does not physically own any of this redeemed loot or in game items. Additionally, we are not able to express our authenticity, we all have very cool online usernames and profile pictures; but there is no immersive audiovisual component that does justice to our individuality.


GameFi as a concept itself is combining gaming and finance, delivering real physical ownership and financial incentive for players to immerse themselves in their resepective universes, and increasingly so, cross-universe. The core value being the return of ownership of digital assets to the players not the platform. This not only boosts incentive but works to increase trust between game and player as the world of gaming on web 3.0 continues to grow at an impressive rate.

GameFi began its uptrend at a particularly interesting time, at a point when covid was rampant and unemployment spiking globally. Suddenly, more and more people were looking toward crypto, DeFi and now GameFi as their livelihood and additional source of income. SolChicks combines an exciting combination of P2E and NFT’s to create a carefully curated economy whereby there is incentive and opportunity to financially benefit throughout the game in its entirety, even if you’re not playing.

SolChicks is looking to tap the largest gaming markets globally, China, North America and Japan. This vision is to introduce many traditional gamers to the concept of P2E and digital ownership with real world tangible value.

Business Model

SolChicks are incorporating innovative P2E economics at the core of their game offering, incentivising players with real world earning potential in return for their time playing the game. This is further compounded through in game rewards such as NFT’s which are tradable on real world exchanges providing additional value and incentive to players. As demand for the game and elements of digital limited ownership increases the value of their token, $CHICKS, will experience a increase in buy pressure valuing the project up there with some of the titans of GameFi.

Investors / Partners

SolChicks have a crack team of advisors and partners supporting them to achieve their objectives. From the off they have a multilayered partner approach with some of the most recognisable in Solana and the wider industry contributing towards SolChicks success. SolChicks have established experienced partners to help across:

  • Development
  • Marketplaces
  • Marketing
  • Community
  • Media


One of the more impressive teams Lithium has seen in GameFi, SolChicks come meaning business. The Core Teams’ credentials include McKinsey, Bain Capital and London School of Economics to name a few. With a wider team of over 20 people, this is one of the most primed projects we have seen in the space.


For this IDO the IDO will be done in BNB at 1% of the raise.




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